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HR Cloud software works better with Fingerprint for Success

HR Cloud is a cloud-based human resource software system built to help you manage your HR processes. It supports HR functions such as onboarding and performance management. The Onboard by HR Cloud function uses automation to streamline new employee onboarding. For example, it lets you create a smart checklist with specific tasks that must be completed.

Meanwhile, Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is a performance and collaboration tool. F4S provides insights and resources for developing your team and improving employee performance.

Fingerprint for Success can help you get the most out of your HR Cloud subscription. This HR Cloud software review will show you how to use both platforms for optimal HR management.

What is HR Cloud?

HR Cloud offers cloud-based solutions for HR management. The software helps businesses handle core HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, performance appraisals, and personnel management.

As they like to put it, “HR Cloud3 will help you take away the daily frustrations of HR processes”.

However, the platform is not without issues. For example, some users have mentioned that HR Cloud’s reporting features are not detailed enough for informed decision-making1. That's where a platform like F4S comes in handy.

HR Cloud was founded in 2017 by Damir Davidovic2, with its headquarters in Los Angeles. Today, it remains an ideal HR software solution for efficient human capital management.

What is Fingerprint for Success?

Fingerprint for Success (F4S) is a performance and collaboration tool that uses the power of AI to support human resource development.

The F4S headquarters is in Sydney, Australia, but it caters to businesses across the world. It was founded in 2016 by people analytics and coaching expert, Michelle Duval.

Fingerprint for Success helps you understand your corporate culture and employee differences and motivations. It achieves this through simple assessments and advanced analytics features. The tool is compatible with most HR solutions. That means you can integrate F4S with other HR platforms to help you understand your team better and enhance talent development.

F4S helps you discover which areas of your company can improve. For example, it can pinpoint potential conflict or compliance issues. F4S also provides an AI coaching platform that equips your team with resources for performance development.

With F4S, HR processes such as recruitment management, onboarding, and personnel management are well-informed and more effective. For example, it provides you with valuable people analytics data, showing you how a potential candidate is likely to fit into your company culture. It also reveals their motivations. This helps in eliminating biases to ensure you recruit the right candidate.

F4S is also helpful in ensuring better collaboration among on-site and remote employees. It provides actionable insights from the evidence-based assessment. For example, when you and your team take the free F4S assessment, you get easy-to-understand insights into what best motivates your team members and how they each prefer to work. This invaluable information allows you to put structures in place to build high-performing teams and improve employee retention.

The best part is that F4S is an affordable and competent HR software with a zero-dollar starting price.

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HR Cloud features

HR Cloud is remarkable for its employee self-service features. These features help with tasks such as completing onboarding documents and enrolling for payrolls.

Let’s explore other key features of HR Cloud.

  • Employee directory: HR Cloud provides a central database that is secure and easy to use. This visual database can be used to create and manage employee records.
  • Onboarding software: HR Cloud allows you to automate your employee onboarding process with custom workflows. It also helps with applicant tracking and candidate management. This provides a smooth onboarding experience for new hires.
  • Content management: Enables proper record keeping and compliance-related processes. HR Cloud helps you manage documents such as employee handbooks, contracts, and certifications.
  • Performance management: Makes performance reviews easier to conduct and streamlines the collection of employee feedback to improve efficiencies and enhance the employee experience.
  • Internal communication: The centralized employee database provides advanced features such as personalized news feeds. With this, you can easily communicate  company updates such as announcements, events, and employee spotlights.
  • Self-service onboarding: HR Cloud’s self-service capabilities can improve the onboarding experience. It helps you personalize experiences from the very first employee communication.

HR cloud also includes features that help employees access the benefits they are entitled to. Processes such as benefits administration, eligibility tracking, and reports are easy to run.

There’s also the ‘Kudos’ feature that allows teammates to give and receive acknowledgments for good performance. Employee questionnaires and surveys are easy to distribute on the platform. This allows you to identify growth opportunities proactively.

Fingerprint for Success features

One of F4S’ standout features is that it helps you see the motivations, learning styles, and goals that drive individual employees. The AI coaching and people analytics platform helps you discover how team members can reach their full potential.

Let's take a look at other core features:

  • Free evidence-based assessment: F4S provides an assessment tool that allows you to gather useful insights about your employees and recruitment candidates. Based on the assessments, you’ll get data-driven reports about the state of your firm’s human capital.
  • Informed talent acquisition: F4S helps you predict how well a candidate fits into a specific role and how their work style aligns with your team. Rank top candidates based on their assessment results and predefined ideal motivations for the role.
  • People analytics: Get data-driven reports showing how employees align with your organization’s goals. You’ll learn how to maximize employee skills and individual differences for better results. Our tool also delivers real-time insights showing you what your employees value and their motivations.
  • Benchmarking: Compare your team's work motivations to those of industry top performers. Benchmarking shows you areas where team members excel and where they may need coaching or support.
  • Personal coaching: Work with an AI-powered coach that assists with employee training and talent management. F4S also provides access to human coaches for those who prefer that option.
  • Self-service tools: F4S provides a self-service portal to help employees improve their soft skills and performance. After taking the assessment, the platform lets you create personal goals. You can then start regular AI coaching sessions.
  • Communication support: Personalize communication based on individual preferences. F4S guides team members in adapting their communication styles to effectively connect with one another.
  • Evidence-based analytics: The F4S evidence-based motivational assessment allows you to get a 360-degree perspective on how your team will work with other members of your team and the wider business.

Essentially, Fingerprint for Success will help you manage the entire employee lifecycle. Our assessments and advanced insights enhance hiring, new-hire onboarding, and talent management. They also boost personal and professional development, learning management, and team formation.

F4S has an API with Greenhouse software4, and we can easily build integrations for any other HR software.

Contact us to learn how F4S can support and enhance your HR tech stack through our robust integrations.

Both F4S and HR Cloud offer a standout user experience. They’re also easy to adopt in companies of any size.

HR Cloud cost

HR Cloud’s pricing is not listed on the pricing page. However, it’s reported that pricing starts at $5 monthly.5 Custom pricing is based on factors such as additional add-ons and company size.

You can request a demo for the specific plans you want on HR Cloud’s pricing page. Here’s a breakdown of these plans and the features each offers:

The Engagement plan is built to support employee engagement with core features such as social feeds, chats, and notifications. It also includes the Kudos feature for employee recognition. You’ll get access to core HR features such as the content management system, an employee directory, and a survey form.

The engagement plan also supports announcements and comes with powerful analytics. The plan gives you a single sign-on functionality for secure login processes. There’s also a dedicated support team. Additionally, you get integrations APIs, payroll integrations, and custom integrations.

The Onboard plan caters particularly to administrative tasks associated with onboarding and offboarding. With features like electronic signature, payroll software, and I-9 forms for background checks, you can speed up the entire process of onboarding. You also get ample document storage space and an organizational chart.

The Onboard plan supports the W-4 form signing to ensure an employee’s withholding tax complies with US labor laws. You can also create custom forms and document templates. Performance reviews and employee custom reports, E-Forms, and Workflows are also included in this plan. Like the Engagement plan, you get integrations, single sign-on security, and troubleshooting support.

THE HR Suite plan is a suitable for handling your entire workforce management. The plan has all features included in the Engagement and Onboard plans. Additional capabilities include absence management features such as time-off tracking. Also, you can track salary payments based on days off. You also get custom policies and approval workflows. The HR Suite gives you access to calendar integrations and automatic notifications.

This pricing plan provides branded job sites, custom hiring stages, and offer letters. The applicant tracking features improve your hiring process. It also enables better performance reviews with the self-evaluation feature, 360-degree feedback, and automated reports.

Fingerprint for Success cost

Fingerprint for Success starts with a free plan that includes several team-enhancing features. In the free plan, you can view 48 motivational traits based on the free evidence-based assessment. You can also connect and compare up to five employees.

You can access free Coach Marlee (F4S’ AI coach) programs. Individual employees can benchmark themselves against others to identify performance gaps.

What about the paid plans? As you’ll see, paid plans are quite affordable, with loads of features to help you build a high-performing team. Let’s take a look.

The Pro plan starts at $9.60 monthly and is suitable for medium businesses. This plan includes all features in the free plan and more. You get access to employee training with unlimited Coach Marlee programs. You can also view and compare unlimited team members. With the Pro plan, you get an annual comparison of your team’s results.

The Organization plan starts at $9.60 for each employee per month. The plan gives you access to everything in the Pro plan. You can view your company’s aggregated data on F4S. You’ll have administrative control over your employee database and platform members and you can migrate your F4S data into other tools.

The Organization plan is most suitable for midsize businesses to large enterprises. That’s because it lets you send bulk invites to employees to take the free assessment.

HR Cloud software reviews

Before you get started with HR Cloud or any human capital management system, take some time to see what other users have to say. Here are some recent HR Cloud client reviews:

Streamlined, efficient, and organized onboarding experience

For human resource VP Elisa6, HR Cloud helped her company achieve a “streamlined, efficient, and organized onboarding experience for new hires”. The support was also “remarkable and helpful”.

Exceptional support and customization options

Emily7, a VP in an information tech company, commends HR Cloud for being “a huge time saver in tracking candidates throughout the recruitment process”. Also, the ability to customize HR Cloud's functions was a big plus for her.

Versatile and accessible

For Jordon8, it was a “pretty positive experience working with HR Cloud”. The “versatility, customization, and accessibility” were among the appreciated features.

Feeling unmotivated?

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Fingerprint for Success reviews

Here are some recent reviews  on the F4S coaching platform:

A central component of growth

Cliff Obrecht of Canva commends F4S as a key element in their people growth strategy, empowering “unique culture and optimizing performance”.

A game-changing tool for reflective decision-making

For Jeri Childers9, F4S was “simply fantastic” and helped her reflect on her decision-making with new eyes.


Lorraine Logato, Business Innovation Strategist at SAP, says, “F4S allows you to focus on employees’ growth and foster an environment of inclusion, support, and belonging”.

How does HR Cloud management compare to other HR tech software?

Several cloud HR software solutions are available today. Each software option has its strengths and weaknesses. When choosing an HR tech platform for employee management, consider the specific needs of your business.

That said, here’s a quick run-down on how HR Cloud compares with other human resource management software:


iSolved is human capital management software. It's a complete HR solution, providing robust functionality that supports employee experience management. It also offers talent management, workforce management, and payroll systems.

Additional features on iSolved include benefits administration, employee attendance management, team collaboration, and document management. iSolved also automates repetitive and low-impact administration tasks.


UltiPro is another cloud HR software with core features to support administrative tasks. It aims to connect teams with the information they need for improved performance. UltiPro also provides effective analytics features to help you make informed decisions concerning your team.

The payroll software in UltiPro is powerful and flexible, capable of accurately handling complex pay calculations. The talent management solution helps you identify high performers. You also get access to coaching tools to help develop your team.


Bamboo HR is an online HR software solution that aims to “simplify HR processes” and daily HR tasks. It has an intuitive user interface for a positive employee experience. The human resource management software suits small, medium, and larger businesses.

Bamboo serves as a complete HR platform with features for your entire employee lifecycle, including hiring, onboarding, attendance tracking, employee scheduling, and benefits administration. It also has a paid-time-off management system.

Bamboo HR provides pre-built reports, automation tools, payroll systems, and real-time insights. It also offers tools for gathering continuous feedback. This helps you strengthen employee satisfaction in your company.

You’ll get a wide range of integrations in Bamboo’s marketplace. It has a mobile application, too. You can also improve teams with performance analytics features on the platform.


Greenhouse is an applicant tracking system and hiring platform. This human resources software solution has features for job posting, candidate sourcing, and interview management.

Are you a small business or an enterprise planning to improve your hiring process? Take an assessment on Greenhouse to determine how effective your current process is.

Greenhouse promises to help you find prospects for your job openings by automating your recruitment process. Branded emails, electronic signatures, and anonymous candidate assessments are some other prominent features that Greenhouse offers.


Kissflow is a human resources management system (HRMS). It comes with all the features most midsize businesses need to manage their HR processes.

Some of these features include applicant tracking, leave management, performance management, and attendance management. It also provides employee onboarding and offboarding features.

The platform also has some useful tools for empowering employees. For example, it supports 360-degree feedback and actionable reviews. Continuous feedback helps team leaders and management keep junior staff motivated to boost employee productivity.

Kissflow has some automation features, too. These automate manual tasks such as employee time and attendance tracking to improve team efficiency. It also boosts accuracy by preventing common errors such as duplicate data entry.

This all-in-one cloud human resource management system is designed to help you manage the entire employee lifecycle, from acquisition and new-hire onboarding to talent management and retirement.


Deel is another powerful cloud-based HR system. It’s used by businesses of all sizes, from start-ups and midsize businesses to large enterprises. The platform is ideal for global team management and talent management. It helps HR managers recruit time employees and contractors worldwide without opening legal entities.

In addition to workforce management, Deel also provides payroll management. The payroll management system is designed to be compliant with labor laws in different countries. The system will handle taxes for you and provide payslips and benefits management. It also offers more than 15 global payment options.


Bob is a complete HR solution designed to enhance employee productivity, engagement, and culture. It offers features for core HR functions such as onboarding, performance management, employee benefits, and more.

Bob has employee and manager self-service tools and features to create a positive employee experience. For example, it supports people analytics, workforce planning, and performance reviews.

Instead of complex spreadsheets, Bob offers a payroll hub that helps midsize businesses monitor and plan employee compensation.

Bottom line: HR Cloud Management vs. Fingerprint for Success

HR Cloud and Fingerprint for Success (F4S) are cloud-based HR systems for small and midsize organizations and large enterprises. They offer distinct features and focus on different aspects of HR support so rather than one being better than the other, they complement each other and work well when used together.

HR Cloud offers notable features such as employee self-service, onboarding automation, and employee data management. With HR Cloud, you can manage important company documents and optimize payroll processing systems. You can also conduct performance reviews and foster employee engagement through personalized news feeds and communication channels.

Fingerprint for Success focuses on team performance and collaboration. The HR tool uses AI and advanced analytics to provide data-driven insights to improve employee performance. F4S offers a free evidence-based assessment that helps you understand your corporate culture, employee differences, and motivational traits.

F4S supports talent acquisition by predicting candidate fit and work-style alignment. This allows organizations to make informed hiring decisions. The cloud-based platform also provides people analytics, benchmarking against industry top performers, personal coaching, and communication support.

Frequently asked questions

What is cloud-based training in HRM?

Cloud-based training in HRM is a type of training that is delivered online and accessed on a cloud-based platform. A good example of cloud-based training is the AI and Human coaching program offered on Fingerprint for Success.

What are the benefits of cloud-based HR software?

One standout benefit of cloud-based HR software is that it is accessible from any location. So, it is effective for both on-site and remote teams. Cloud-based HR software solutions can also automate repetitive HR functions such as onboarding, payroll, and performance reviews. This enables HR managers to perform more strategic human resource functions.


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