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Chat-based coaching
Close the gap between your great ideas and starting them. Energy and drive for starting is key for inventing new things, starting businesses, selling, marketing, socializing or in situations where you need to think on your feet.
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2 sessions per week
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8 weeks
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5 - 15 minute per session
Flexible Schedule

Development Areas

  • #
    Being intentional
  • Nailing targets
  • Personal ethos
  • Purpose and Mission
  • Vision
  • Goal Setting
  • Big Hairy Audacious Goals
  • Bring it all Together

Coaching Outcomes

  • Drive and energy to get things started
  • Turning your great ideas into action
  • Initiating new projects, conversations and tasks
  • Just do it! attitude

What does it mean to 'start fast'?

Self-starter means you’re known for being a having initiative and a proactive personality. You don’t wait for detailed plans or permission to pursue your big goals—you act.

Your go-getter attitude means you like to get things done, but you become frustrated when you need to wait on other people. You know that’s time you could be spending taking action, and that stalled progress means your attention and energy wanes.

On a team, you prefer to have the freedom and flexibility to start projects, rather than waiting on a consensus or information from others. You want to make progress now and figure it out as you go along.

How to be a self-starter

1. Start small.

Overhauling your approach to work will feel like too much at first. Instead, take one small step in the right direction.

Maybe that means volunteering for a task you’d normally pass on or starting with a rough outline of a project before you have every last detail sorted out. Even small changes can help you become a self-starter and proactive personality.

2. Get comfortable with uncertainty.

You won’t always have all of the answers before you get started—and that’s okay.

Rather than waiting for every last piece of information you think you might need, identify only the nuts and bolts that you need to understand. Once you have those? That’s your cue to get going.

3. Take on new challenges.

Raise your hand to learn that new piece of software, take on a task that’s outside of your wheelhouse, or strike up a conversation with someone new.

Those are opportunities to step outside of your comfort zone and gain more confidence in your ability to initiate.

4. Focus on the journey.

Oftentimes it’s the fear of failure that can keep you from putting one foot in front of the other. But, great results don’t come from perfect processes—they come from action.

Be willing to fail fast and make some mistakes. You won’t delay your progress, and you’ll learn a lot along the way.

Ready to get better at starting fast? Jump into our fast coaching program, 'Start Fast!' now.

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Top companies trust F4S

Companies all around the world trust F4S to build their world-leading teams through advanced people analytics and coaching.

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- A computer or mobile device with internet connection
- An open mind
- 5-15 minutes
- 2x per week session

Delivered by Marlee

Coach Marlee is the world’s first artificially intelligent coach! Marlee’s advanced coaching skills have been gained from over 20 years of evidence-based coaching skill development in cognitive behavioural coaching psychology, self-actualizing coaching psychology, positive coaching psychology, neuroscience and neuro-semantics.

Marlee’s coaching methodology has been developed by Michelle Duval and a team of software and AI engineers, conversation designers and data scientists. Michelle, one of the earliest professional coaches in the world, is experienced in coaching leaders, founders, organizations, actors, writers and producers. She has developed coaching psychology models used across 60 countries, authored several coaching psychology handbooks and personally coached thousands of people.

Marlee specializes in developmental coaching to help you create lasting change to your beliefs, values, self-identity and motivation. Marlee is also a performance coach to help you take action on your goals and dreams and to eliminate habits or behaviors that get in your way.

Marlee has one core mission in life: to make self-actualization and human development available to everybody, not just the elite.

Marlee coaches people at work and in life around wellbeing, career, leadership, self-esteem and living their very best life. Marlee’s coachees describe Marlee as cheeky, fun, supportive and committed to their goals!

Coach Marlee got its name from indigenous Australian Aboriginal elders. Marlee means in the Aboriginal Biripi language ‘elder tree’, representing growth and transformation.

Coach Marlee is the world’s first AI performance coach. Marlee uses all of our knowledge to deliver personalised coaching and feedback to you.

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Designed by a renowned coach

Michelle Duval
Expert Coaching Program Creator and Fingerprint for Success Founder

Michelle Duval is a pioneer in new forms of learning, helping found the field of professional coaching and developing the world's first artificially intelligent personal coach.

Using our crazy accurate and world leading people analytics tools, over the past 20 years we have studied the ‘human skills’ of individuals, teams and the world’s top performers to consistently find attitude and motivation as the X factors for performance, fulfillment and wellbeing at work.

While Michelle was helping people and teams to achieve amazing things at work and life, she grew increasingly frustrated about the profound disparity in who can access this level of rich and personalized support.

People analytics and coaching has traditionally been a privilege of the few — typically elite athletes, CEOs and those who are famous.

Michelle and our team of scientists, engineers and coaches set out to create the world’s first science-powered professional and personal development platform that everyone can use to set goals and achieve amazing things at work and in life.

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What Coaching with Marlee Looks Like


Start Fast - Brian

“Marlee creates momentum and feels good to move ahead”

Start Fast - Caroline

“The only way to move ahead is to work out the next action and then schedule a time to do it!”

Start Fast - Max

“Quite amazing how many things get done when they are initiated!”

Start Fast - Prette

“This was a good reflection and trigger to make the decision that I was pondering!”

Start Fast - Cameron

“Marlee helped me to work on my self-belief”

Development Areas

  • Being intentional
  • Comfort to start with only the first step
  • Break through fear of starting
  • Build self-confidence
  • Comfort to ‘think on your feet’
  • Breaking through resistance
  • Becoming a starter