Optimize student development and entrepreneur program outcomes with radically effective personal coaching and people analytics.
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As a member of a university, you know the value of research. So do we. Our personal coaching and people analytics platform draws upon more than 20 years of studying the most successful entrepreneurs.

Through an evidence-based assessment, F4S pinpoints student and team affinities and blind spots and offers guidance on building strengths aligned with program goals. Results are benchmarked using our proven entrepreneurial success models so you get actionable insights based on real-world data. Gain deeper learning through personalized programs, our AI-powered app or human coaches work with students to realize their full potential.

Outcomes with F4S:

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Support the next generation of entrepreneurs by providing them with AI-powered or human coaching.

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Improve program outcomes by getting guidance on how to optimize teams based on their work styles.

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Gain revolutionary data to run performance studies based on fields, academic levels, specialties and more.

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How F4S supports students and improves program outcomes

Build self-awareness

Without real-life experience in the workplace, many students are unaware of their strengths. F4S allows them see their unique affinities and blind spots—and how to best leverage them.

Optimize teams

F4S measures and tracks team culture and points out where students’ motivations align and where there may be conflict. All of this helps optimize founding team collaboration.

Predict success

Armed with extensive data benchmarked against our success models, you can make informed predictions about which programs students and teams will thrive in.

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Invite students to take our free F4S assessment.

Students begin by taking the F4S assessment to learn which work interests motivate them and which blind spots may hold them back.

Then, use our Ranking Tool to see how each student stacks up against our research samples of of the world's most successful entrepreneurs.

"University leaders need to find evidence-based approaches to build mindsets, skills and abilities and F4S enables us to transform our learning design to include analytics and coaching.

F4S gave us the ability to offer our leaders a tool and the insights that enables them to increase their innovation, commercialization, and venture startup capabilities."

Jeri Childers, PhD
Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, University of Tech Sydney

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Build strengths with scalable coaching.

Bring attention to critical blind spots and build motivations aligned to venture success through F4S coaching options. With Coach Marlee, students can join AI-powered programs that help them boost emotional intelligence, focus on big-picture thinking, take initiative on projects and more.

Looking for more hands-on attention? We’re flexible. We can match you with one of our human coaches and craft a custom program for your students.

“No other tool is as powerful or insightful to identify and develop entrepreneurs as F4S.”

Creel Price
Co-founder & Director, Investible

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Embrace data-driven decision-making.

Equipped with cognitive and behavioral data, you can make evidence-based decisions around program goals, student selection and team formation.

The F4S platform will track progress throughout the semester, providing you with before-and-after results that convey program effectiveness.

“All entrepreneurs love data for running their business, but fall short on having any data on themselves. Since 2011, I've found F4S an invaluable asset as an angel investor in backing founders.”

Trevor Folsom
Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, Investible

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Support undergrad entrepreneurs


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How to use F4S for talent acquisition


How to resolve team conflict


Remote team building activities

Behind the successful people you know, there’s a coach.

The world’s top companies use us to bring out the best in their teams:
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The ROI of coaching

Coaching increases productivity by 88% — vs. 22% with just training alone.  [1]
Coaching improves work performance, communication, time management,
work relationships and confidence in the majority of coaches.  [2]
A study found executive coaching produces a 529% ROI for businesses.
Including financial benefits from employee retention boosts the overall ROI to 788%.  [3]

"F4S has helped me understand how I work and improved how I work with others (as I now understand key strengths.)

F4S is a central component of our people growth strategy at Canva and empowers us to harness our unique culture and optimise performance as we scale."

Cliff Obrecht
Co-founder & COO, Canva

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