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Leverage data to go beyond “gut feel” to mitigate risk, maximize ROI and identify or develop high potential entrepreneurial talent.
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Investing is risky, especially with early-stage startups that lack financial metrics. What if you could de-risk the process by relying on more than just slide decks, business plans and your instinct?

With F4S, you can. Regardless of stage, all startups have one critical dataset: people analytics. Based on 20+ years of research, F4S identifies founders’ key strengths and blind spots across 48 different traits—and benchmarks the results against ‘Success Factor Models’ to tell you the level of risk.

Take the guesswork out of investment and watch your portfolio flourish.

Outcomes with F4S:

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Gain insights into how founders lead, how quickly they take action and achieve goals.

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Compare team dynamics against the benchmark to better predict venture success.

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Help founders overcome blind spots so you can get high returns on your portfolio.

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How F4S identifies & develops entrepreneurial talent

Unparalleled Insights

It takes more than a great idea to make a venture succeed. F4S evaluates founding team attitudes to help you know if a team is well-equipped to execute their vision.

Benchmark Against Success

Our benchmarking tool shows you how each member’s attitudes stack up against the most successful entrepreneurs we’ve studied in more than 20 years of research.

AI-Powered Coaching

Picking the right companies is only half the battle; continued growth is critical. F4S’ personalized coaching programs help to increase the key traits needed for success.

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It all starts with the F4S work style assessment.

Based on more than 20 years of research, the F4S work style assessment helps you and your team identify blindspots and work motivations.

"There's a lot of focus on hard skills. But at a company, what's absolutely critical is communication and soft skills - the things most companies don't spend enough time focusing on. And F4S has been an amazing tool to help us do that."

Melanie Perkins
Co-founder & CEO, Canva

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Personalized, scalable coaching solutions.

Designed and developed by F4S founder, Michelle Duval, Marlee is a smart AI coach that delivers personalized coaching programs based on your unique working style.

The best part? They’re free and only take a few minutes!

“No other tool is as powerful or insightful to identify and develop entrepreneurs as F4S.”

Creel Price
Co-founder & Director, Investible

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Invite the whole team. Optimize for success.

Compare and contrast your team's work style and motivations. Differences can improve your team's performance but only if members know how to harness it.

F4S coaching programs do that by helping your whole team work better together.

“All entrepreneurs love data for running their business, but fall short on having any data on themselves. Since 2011, I've found F4S an invaluable asset as an angel investor in backing founders.”

Trevor Folsom
Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, Investible

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How to use F4S for talent acquisition


Live demo: F4S for teams


How to resolve team conflict


Support undergrad entrepreneurs

Behind the successful people you know, there’s a coach.

The world’s top companies use us to bring out the best in their teams:
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The ROI of coaching

Coaching increases productivity by 88% — vs. 22% with just training alone.  [1]
Coaching improves work performance, communication, time management,
work relationships and confidence in the majority of coaches.  [2]
A study found executive coaching produces a 529% ROI for businesses.
Including financial benefits from employee retention boosts the overall ROI to 788%.  [3]

"F4S has helped me understand how I work and improved how I work with others (as I now understand key strengths.)

F4S is a central component of our people growth strategy at Canva and empowers us to harness our unique culture and optimise performance as we scale."

Cliff Obrecht
Co-founder & COO, Canva

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