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Max Young Coach

Max Young


For over 10 years, Max’s passion has been accelerating human development - coaching entrepreneurs, leaders and founders in rapidly growing teams to scale performance, culture and wellbeing. Facilitating clarity and razor-focused development in individuals and teams - Max is a humble force for good.

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Kathy Rodwell Coach

Kathy Rodwell


For 20 years, Kathy has been an Executive Leadership Coach for individuals, partners and teams across high growth ventures, Not-for-profits, and Government. She is committed to developing more empowered, people-centered workplaces.

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Court Whitman Coach

Court Whitman

High Performance Leadership Coach

Court is on a mission to inspire high performance, unlock hidden potential and develop competencies for individuals and teams to perform at increasingly higher levels of success and results, above established norms, sustainability over the long-term.

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Bonita Nuttall Coach

Bonita Nuttall


Bonita is a catalyst for transformative change, with 20+ years in strategic communication, storytelling, and coaching collectively. While Bonita loves working with individuals, Bon's deepest passion is working with groups and teams to foster self-awareness, and collaboration and to bring out the best performance in everyone. Bonita combines her experience with the incredible insight of F4S’s technology to bring to life and realize the true potential of any individual or team.

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