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For over 10 years, Max’s passion has been accelerating human development - coaching entrepreneurs, leaders and founders in rapidly growing teams to scale performance, culture and wellbeing. Facilitating clarity and razor-focused development in individuals and teams - Max is a humble force for good.

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Drawing on advanced coaching methodologies (neuroscience, cognitive behavioural change and self-actualisation psychologies) and diverse enterprise, startup and high growth experience, Max has a unique mastery for development at different stages of growth.

As individuals, leaders and teams transition through these different stages of growth, they are faced with unique and complex opportunities and challenges to navigate individually and collectively.

Max utilises his unique ability to feedback strengths and blind spots in communication and cognitive biases, to facilitate clarity and awareness, optimising performance and wellbeing at work and in life.

With this clarity, they are empowered to lead themselves and others through uncertainty from a powerful and grounded space, being intentional about their thinking, connected to their emotions and others, speaking and acting with courage and authenticity - inspiring others to do the same.

Max has worked with start-up accelerators such as Antler, R3i Ventures, Accelerating Asia, 500 Start-Ups, UNSW Founders 10X Accelerator, SheLovesTech, SCAPE Creative Fellowship, EY Foundry and the National University of Singapore’s Masters of Science in Venture Creation. Max has personally coached over 130 start-up founders from their portfolio companies.


  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro‐semantics and Meta‐NLP
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro‐semantics and Meta‐NLP
  • Certified Integral-Semantic Facilitator
  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach
  • Member of the Meta‐Coach Foundation
  • Member of the International Society of Neuro‐Semantics
  • Bachelor of Economics (Finance and Economics)
  • Diploma of Financial Services


  • F4S Debriefs
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership and Coaching workshops
  • Group and Team Facilitation
  • Wellbeing Coaching
  • Marketing and Sales Consulting
  • Coach Mentoring


Max is an excellent coach and facilitator and is experienced both in the 1:1 and group space. His greatest ability is how quickly and easily he makes connections with people, helps people feel at ease and builds quality relationships. He is also talented at facilitating insight, challenging assumptions, and coaching people to achieve bigger goals faster. I highly endorse and recommend his craft abilities, skill and knowledge.

— James Hayes - Internal Coach, Canva

I am incredibly privileged to have Max as my coach. Max's coaching has not only fast-tracked my self-awareness, it has directly impacted my success at work. With every coaching session, I feel myself accumulating an increased sense of strength, of confidence, and authenticity. As a result, I am feeling more powerful and capable than I ever have. Thank you, Max

— Debbie Thompson - Learning and Development Professional, UTS: Insearch

As a first-time entrepreneur, I found it immensely valuable working with Max. For your startup to grow fast, you need to grow faster, and you can’t always see what you’re doing wrong. Working with Max meant I could depend on someone to provide objective feedback. With that came the clarity and confidence I needed when coming up against the many challenges of a solopreneur. I’d highly recommend working with Max, whether it be developing interpersonal, self-management or leadership skills.

— Tyler Coates - Executive Coach, The Composed Mind

As a coach, Max was able to facilitate me through the process of uncovering self-limiting beliefs and patterns that were getting in the way of me showing up as my best self for my business. He was very skilled in asking me timely and powerful questions that enabled me to see things that I was avoiding looking at within myself and compassionately held the space for me as I processed. He tactfully challenged me when we both knew I was talking B.S and was able to work with me to reveal my blind spots, which enabled real transformation. Working with Max has helped me to get unstuck and have led me to be more aligned and productive in my work. I am now making a bigger impact in the work that I do in my business and in my relationships more broadly. So good, thank you Max!

— Amanda Zakhary - Founder, Holistic Services

Max has an incredible capacity to listen and feedback what he is hearing enabling me to get objective to what was getting in my way. He does this in the most authentic, quiet unassuming style and brings a depth of compassion and understanding to any struggles that I was experiencing. As a Coach, he is not without challenge, constantly holding me to account and my best description of him would be Ruthlessly Compassionate. I recommend Max to you if you are ready and willing to do your own work. Make no mistake he does not do it for you but is certainly with you every step of the way motivating, co-creating, reinforcing with the utmost of care and professionalism.

— Madeleine Robinson - Director, Madeleine Robinson Coaching and Facilitation

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