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Bonita is a catalyst for transformative change, with 20+ years in strategic communication, storytelling, and coaching collectively. While Bonita loves working with individuals, Bon's deepest passion is working with groups and teams to foster self-awareness, and collaboration and to bring out the best performance in everyone. Bonita combines her experience with the incredible insight of F4S’s technology to bring to life and realize the true potential of any individual or team.

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Bonita lives by the mantra "Lead from the inside out," recognizing that thriving organizations stem from the sum of their parts. 

Drawing on advanced methodologies in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral change, and positive and self-actualization psychologies, Bonita is passionate about facilitating developmental and transformative change that fosters self-awareness, higher EQ, and self-leadership.

Having coached leaders, teams, and high-level stakeholders up to the board level, Bonita also facilitates collective growth through group coaching and mentoring programs, creating a safe space that builds authentic connections and cultivates high-performing teams.

Her diverse background in investigative journalism, TV presenting, professional speaking, emceeing, voiceovers, and coaching has fuelled Bonita’s mission to support individuals, leaders, and teams to embrace self-leadership by fostering self-awareness and confidence.

With her dynamic, compassionate, and authentic approach, Bonita supports people to connect to, redefine, and amplify their authentic voice, potential, and unique impact. She challenges and gently confronts when needed, encouraging growth, stretching perspectives, and upgrading cognitive biases. 

In her other work as a public speaking mentor, coach, and trainer, she helps individuals increase their confidence, clarity, and credibility for impactful presentations.

Coaching spans globally, from healthcare to tech, construction, legal, FMCG, telecommunications, start-ups, and more.


  • F4S Certified People Leader and Coach 
  • Associate Certified Meta-Coach
  • Member of the Meta‐Coach Foundation (MCF)
  • Certified Master Practitioner of Neuro‐semantics and Meta‐NLP
  • Certified Practitioner of Neuro‐semantics and Meta‐NLP
  • Certified Integral-Semantic Facilitator
  • Member of the International Society of Neuro‐Semantics
  • Integrative Enneagram Accreditation Program
  • Commercial Voice Training Academy at Sonovision Studios


  • F4S Individual, Team & Culture Debriefs & Workshop
  • Leadership Development
  • Leadership and Coaching workshops
  • Group and Team Facilitation
  • Creative and Strategic Communication
  • Professional Speaker and MC
  • Mentoring and Consulting


Bon gave the Fingerprint for Success Sustainability Team an exceptional team debrief! Bon is warm, articulate, insightful, and has a great sense of fun that kept everyone talking, and sharing throughout the debrief. So many invaluable insights were shared that will help us succeed with our sustainability vision. We can't wait to work with Bon again!

— Emily Willis -Head of Content, Fingerprint for Success 

Every once in a while, it’s good to pause and press the reset button – to rediscover your purpose and affirm your career goals. A few months ago, I did just that and embarked on an executive coaching journey with Bonita. Our sessions were thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly insightful. 

I was able to gain a deeper, more objective understanding of my leadership authenticity, drivers, and motivation. The journey was profound and working with Bonita opened a whole new level of understanding of behavioral patterns, personality archetypes, and relationships. 

Bonita is a consummate professional; she is warm and engaging and makes you feel instantly at ease. Our sessions were well-organized, well-structured, and clearly sequenced. They were paced appropriately and this aided me in retaining the key concepts. 

I came away with a really clear idea of the goals I needed to set to keep moving forward. If you are interested in rediscovering your potential and passion, redefining your career ambitions, or want to gain a deeper understanding of your leadership abilities, I encourage you to get in touch with Bonita.

— Monique Pearson - GM, Rutherford Rede

Bonita has a unique style, that helped me to see through the immediate challenges I was facing. This allowed me a new perspective, on the way I viewed the results I was getting, and ways to address the way I dealt with myself, my team, clients, and anyone I have been dealing with. Bonita’s support and coaching have really helped me leverage what we have as a business and enable my team to see new opportunities and go for them.

— Debbie Ireland -CEO, Share the Point

Bonita is easy and fun to work with.  I love her energy, her willingness to co-create and she always goes the extra mile to ensure the highest quality is delivered.

I have worked with Bonita a number of times over a number of years.  She has helped me turn a vision into a reality and turn “boring content” into a visual, strategic, and storytelling fiesta. 

In particular, I have utilized Bonita’s coaching, voice, presentation, and strategic storytelling skills to bring teams together, to engage them in creating a shared story, and, to enable them all to play a part in delivering that story, using their voice, to others.  

Bonita has strong interpersonal skills so she is able to connect with all sorts of different people.  This enables her to get their story and help them present it in a way they never imagined.

— Vanessa Oakley:  Chief Operating Officer: FNZ Group New Zealand

Wonderful energy and professionalism, desire to make a genuine difference, and a strong repertoire of tools, all make Bonita a great coach and a pleasure to work with. She has a lovely style of co-creating concepts and stories and leveraging each person’s unique strengths/comfort areas, while still pushing boundaries and encouraging clients to move outside their comfort zone and try new things. Bonita - thank you and I wish you the very best as you continue your great work with others.

— Indervir Singh - Head of Strategy & Enterprise Performance, Chorus NZ 

Bonita is a true professional. Her one-on-one coaching skills are impressive, she works to uncover layers of perceptions and beliefs, and coaches on the real issues holding you back. I've had the pleasure of experiencing this and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their communication skills.

In the past, I had always wanted to get presentations over and done with as quickly as possible. However, as a CEO leading a growing business and talented team, it has become important for me to communicate at my best. I made the decision to change that and Bonita's coaching came highly recommended. 

After a few sessions together, I experienced myself on stage as being confident, and at ease, and I even enjoyed the experience! The coaching has resulted in much less stress for every upcoming presentation. I now have strategies, tools, and new perspectives that help me to deliver my key messages with impact.

— Craig Pinker -CEO, Novelli

Bonita Nuttall is a phenomenal coach and really knows how to get the absolute best results. In 2019, I was fortunate to have been selected to speak at the Microsoft Ignite global conference in Orlando Florida. As someone who is completely uncomfortable with public speaking, I realized that I needed a lot of help, and I did not have much time to prepare. 

Thankfully, I was able to work with Bonita, who was able to help me with preparing several presentations and was also able to help me unlock confidence and a speaking style I never knew I possessed. As much of a life-changing event, as this global Microsoft event was, I feel that Bonita’s coaching was greater, and what I learned not only about presenting but about myself will stay with me for a very long time. 

I highly recommend Bonita and believe that she can help everyone find their ability to tell their stories in a public setting to a very high standard.

— Paul Warren - Microsoft MVP

Bonita is an amazing talent. As a coach Bonita is professional and authentic. She creates a space for her client that is warm, open, and generously supportive, enabling the client to be at ease, and held to explore the depths of their psyche with freedom. Thank you Bonita it has been an absolute pleasure to have been coached by you!

— Mary-Anne K - Business Owner & Director

It was great working with Bonita on improving my presentation and broader business skills! Bonita's approach was unique, mixing her own experience and insights with evidence-based practices. Her approach challenged my thinking and helped to drive real growth for me professionally.

— Lloyd McCann – CEO, Health, Business & Digital Leader, Equity Advocate – Mercy Radiology

Bonita was engaged by MercyAscot to help us create a start of the year “kick-off” event for our more than 600 staff members. We wanted it to have impact and excitement to engage them for a full day, whilst teaching them all about what the year ahead would bring.  

I had been drafting a fairly standard CEO’s opening address, pretty conventional and probably not an energetic or dynamic way to kick off a long day!  Bonita worked with me over several sessions and got me focused on what I really wanted to achieve with my presentation.  She also pushed me to identify elements of my story that would be engaging to the MercyAscot employees as well as common themes to link it all together.  Bonita encouraged me to be more open and sharing with my staff as well as to adopt a more outgoing style than is my nature.  

The outcome was a presentation staff loved!  It was not a presentation I would ever have given, left to my own devices, but with Bonita’s coaching, it was different, engaging, and well-received.  In fact, I now use much of this presentation with new staff at their orientation – and it still gets great reviews.

— Dr Ian England - CEO, Mercy Ascot 

I can highly recommend Bonita for her business coaching and mentoring. She is an excellent communicator and listener; she took regular notes and made sure I was being heard throughout every session. Bonita provided tons of useful tips and tricks I could be using to propel my business forward and she made a real effort outside of our 1:1 sessions to stay in touch and keep the positivity flowing - thank you very much. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

— Stu Larsen - Project Manager, Musician

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