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Our brand is evolving! Fingerprint For Success is now Marlee

From our inception, we have been known as Fingerprint for Success (F4S), a pioneering people analytics and coaching platform. Our fingerprint logo symbolizes the unique motivational traits inherent in every individual, as distinct as their fingerprints. Our tagline Make Your Mark, invites everyone to realize their potential and have a positive impact. 

While our focus on each person’s uniqueness has been intuitive to most, the combination of words, brackets, and acronyms can be at times also confusing. Fingerprint for Success (F4S), F4S, Fingerprint and more. We had some people even thinking we were a cyber security fingerprinting company! 😅

In 2019, we introduced the world’s first AI Coach and named it Marlee. Marlee is a name rooted in nature. It represents the Elderberry tree—a symbol of transformation. Marlee also has Old English origins, making it a globally relatable, gender-neutral name. We chose to represent Marlee as an owl, a symbol of wisdom and transformation.

Proudly supporting individuals and teams in more than 70,000 organizations in 190+ countries, Marlee’s human data and AI has transformed our technology. Marlee is now at the very heart and future of all that we do.

Following Marlee’s reach and impact, it has become only fitting to evolve our identity into one unified product, company, and brand experience: Marlee. Simplifying our identity is a crucial step in ensuring that our brand is unified, memorable and, most importantly, that it feels personal. Our brand evolution will help us fulfill our vision to ensure everyone feels understood and can bring out their best in work and in life.

Introducing our new brand, Marlee.

Our Marlee identity is more than a name change; it represents the evolution of our technology,  creating a unified product and brand experience.

Our new logo consists of our logo mark, which we call our Ascenda, and our new brand name, Marlee. The upward motion of the mark symbolizes progress, growth and development, reflecting individuals, teams and our collective humanity to reach together, further.

The colors we've chosen for our logo mark are a palette of rich, warm tones. These colors represent all aspects of work and life, and the colors also mirror the transformative process of the berries from the symbolic Elderberry tree.

Just as the elderberries change color from dark purple to orange-reddish, our brand colors reflect the diversity of humanity and the constantly changing evolution of a team embracing the idea that everyone's unique shades and experiences are valued and celebrated within our community. 

At Marlee, we’re dedicated to fostering a community where everyone can thrive, grow, and reach their full potential. Our new brand identity embodies this commitment, and we look forward to continuing this journey with all of you.

This is just the beginning! In the coming weeks and months, we'll be unveiling an exciting new product experience for Marlee, so stay tuned!

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We acknowledge the rights of indigenous peoples 

We acknowledge the rights of indigenous peoples on whose lands we live and work around the world. We recognize the need to respect and promote their inherent rights, which derive from their cultures, spiritual traditions, histories, and philosophies, especially their rights to their lands, territories, and resources.

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