What are the most advanced chatbots in 2024?

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The chatbot industry has progressed in leaps and bounds. Gone are the days when AI-powered chatbots meant frustrating interactions with the so-called 'customer service representatives' on your online banking app. 

Thanks to evolving technology, we can now have meaningful conversations everywhere, from mental health chat platforms to online coaching tools, and, in some cases, maybe even forget we're talking to AI.

It's estimated that 80% of businesses will use chatbots by the end of 2024, with AI handling 85% of consumer interactions.¹ Given their capability to streamline operations and enhance customer satisfaction, it's no surprise that customer service chatbots are at the forefront of this automation revolution. However, not all chatbot platforms are equal. To achieve the sizable feat of automating our daily lives with artificial intelligence, we must rely on advanced chatbots. That is, those equipped to have human-like conversations and learn from previous interactions to provide increasingly accurate responses. 

So, what are the world's most advanced chatbots, and what are the key features that separate them from the rest of the pack? While there are a handful of impressive players, our Ask Marlee tool, a conversational AI that uses personal motivations to supercharge professional growth, is up there with the best.

Here, we take a detailed look at the cutting-edge chatbot technology transforming the way we live, work, and interact for the better.

Table of contents
What is a chatbot?
What are the benefits of advanced chatbots?
5 advanced chatbots disrupting industries
What is the future of chatbots?
Overcoming challenges and concerns
The future of Ask Marlee: The advanced chatbot transforming how we work

What is a chatbot?

Sometimes called a 'bot', a chatbot is a software or web application that simulates human conversation. This often occurs to answer user queries without the need for human intervention. Chatbots also provide services such as coaching, counseling, image generation, and copy editing.

Chatbots aren't limited to text-based conversations. The virtual assistants on your phone that use voice-powered technology are also examples of chatbots, including Apple's Siri, Amazon's Alexa, Botsify's voice AI chatbot and Google's Assistant. 

Wondering what the difference is between a chatbot and artificial intelligence (AI)? This is a key distinction when it comes to separating advanced AI chatbots from the rest. Artificial intelligence refers to the simulation of human intelligence by machines. 

Advanced chatbots use conversational AI and machine learning to adapt their responses. Bing Chat, Google Bard, and Jasper Chat are examples of popular conversational chatbots that provide human-like responses.

On the other hand, basic chatbots rely on rule-based programming, a set of canned responses to pre-determined prompts. Often seen in customer service, you'll likely notice these rule-based bots are unable to deviate from their predetermined scripts.

The launch of ChatGPT's OpenAI program means that natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language processing (NLP) technology is readily available, a major step forward in the world of conversational chatbots.  

What are the benefits of advanced chatbots?

Many people are skeptical about using chatbots in their everyday lives, which is understandable, given it's a new technology. However, while every online tool comes with its own considerations there are many advantages of using advanced chatbots including:

Less bias

Chatbot apps are only as good as the prompts used to engineer them. If they are developed on a knowledge base built by Caucasian males, for example, unconscious bias can creep into the user experience. 

However, advanced AI tools typically use vast datasets that take into account diverse perspectives. They also become more intelligent as they converse with humans from different walks of life. 

At Fingerprint for Success, we identify and eliminate bias in our product by working alongside humans for the good of humans. We build technology that empowers everyone to minimize the effects of unconscious bias and to create workplace cultures accessible to all.

More ethical

Bias and ethics go hand in hand. By continuously learning from diverse inputs, conversational AI promotes inclusivity, fairness, and transparency. Advanced chatbots also prioritize user consent and data protection, ensuring sensitive information remains secure. Typically, these tools are bound by a robust set of ethical guidelines, which in many cases, are publicly available. Read more about our Ethical Commitments.

Better accuracy

Advanced AI chatbots excel in accuracy due to their sophisticated natural language processing capabilities. What's changed with the advanced ChatGPT technology is the level of complexity it can handle. Conversational AIs use deep machine learning techniques to understand and respond to a wide range of contexts, nuances, and user intent with remarkable precision. 

With a strong grasp of diverse linguistic patterns, they're able to interpret colloquial language, contextual clues, and varied phrasing. This means that even if you make a typo or your request is unclear, an advanced chatbot can use contextual understanding to gauge what you need before you do!

Greater safety

Next-gen chatbots prioritize safety through rigorous testing, self-learning mechanisms, and proactive risk mitigation. Intelligent algorithms enable chatbots to recognize and respond to unexpected situations and complex queries, minimizing the likelihood of factual errors. Conversational AIs are also designed with safeguards, enabling them to recognize and rectify potential issues before causing harm.

At Fingerprint for Success we ensure our AI systems pose no risks to humans, their privacy, or their personal data. The trust and safety of users is paramount. To ensure this, we rigorously test products to ensure they are secure. We think about future risks, considering optimistic and pessimistic scenarios, and we plan and build accordingly.

Improved customer experience

Advanced chatbots redefine accessibility by creating an always-on communication channel that accommodates users' needs whenever they arise. Gone are the days when you had to wait in a queue for a human agent to respond to your query. Now, you can receive a near-instant response 24/7. 

Research shows that the conversational experience with advanced AI garners an 87.58% customer satisfaction rate, which is 2% higher than live chat conversations with users.² This reflects how these chat apps take the pressure off customer service providers, while answering customer queries quickly, effectively and consistently.

5 advanced chatbots disrupting industries

From healthcare to finance, there are plenty of real-life examples of chatbots radically improving industries:

EY's Intelligent Payroll Chatbot

Last year, Ernst & Young announced proof-of-concept for an enterprise-ready payroll chatbot that answers accounting questions from employees. Developed in collaboration with Microsoft, the generative tool uses a Large Language Model (LLM) to analyze EY's vast library of compliance data. 

This equips it to hold complex conversations and speedily answer payroll questions. Once rolled out, the software is expected to reduce the burden on employers by more than 50% and improve the employee experience.³

EY Global Vice Chair, Tax, Marna Ricker, said: “EY Tax is committed to improving the client experience with advanced technologies and generative AI that allows for greater conversational capabilities and the ability to parse extremely large volumes of content faster leading to better outcomes for all stakeholders. The expected addition of EY Intelligent Payroll Chatbot on our Next Gen Payroll Platform will highlight our continuous innovation and collaboration, alongside Microsoft, to provide market-leading services.”

Ask Marlee

Imagine if there was a tool like ChatGPT to answer questions throughout the workday, such as how to provide feedback to a colleague based on their communication style. But, instead of generic answers, every response was tailored to the work motivations of you and your connections. That's exactly what Ask Marlee offers in the latest version of the world's first AI coach, Marlee.

Chat GPT app Ask Marlee

Currently in Beta, Ask Marlee is the only open-domain conversational AI that uses personalized F4S results to empower you to reach your personal and professional development goals. It can also improve teaming and collaboration, assist with breaking down project objectives and more. 

As well as the same LLMs used by ChatGPT, Ask Marlee was trained on our extensive knowledge base of science-based coaching methodology. This means you receive expert advice from experienced coaches, when compared to asking Google Bard, Bing AI or another artificial intelligence chatbot.

Find Ask Marlee in the top navigation, located next to 'Me' and 'Team' when you are logged into the Fingerprint for Success platform. The tool is free while in Beta, with pricing tiers on the way.

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Role, Company

Articulate Medical Intelligence Explorer (AMIE)

Trained on LLMs from Google, this chatbot conducts medical interviews with clients and suggests possible diagnoses based on their health history. In a study conducted at Google Health, AMIE was found to be more accurate than board-certified doctors at diagnosing respiratory and cardiovascular conditions.⁴ It was also found to collect a similar amount of information during medical interviews and score higher on empathy.

AMIE is experimental and not yet available in clinics. However, it showcases the enormous potential for chatbots to disrupt the medical industry. Researchers say the next step is to conduct detailed studies to ensure the tool is bias-free across different populations.

Woebot Health

Intelligent chatbots are also transforming the mental health field. Leading the way is Woebot Health, a 24/7 support app that has amassed more than one million downloads. Rather than using ChatGPT, the company uses its own technology that combines decades of psychology research with Natural Language Processing (NLP).

This allows the chatbot to assess symptoms of anxiety and depression and respond with empathy. Using techniques from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, the app's therapeutic support was found to lead to a 22% reduction in depression symptoms in 2 weeks.⁵ 

In a study of 36,000 participants, Woebot was also found to develop a trusted bond with users in just 3 to 5 days, compared to weeks with a human therapist. The results show promise in making high-quality therapy more accessible and reducing the burden on mental health providers.

Simpplr Virtual Assistant 

Previously known as Socrates.ai, Simpplr is an advanced virtual assistant that provides tailored support to employees. Connecting with enterprise tools like Servicenow, Workday and Slack, think of it as an intranet providing self-serve assistance. 

No longer will employees need to go back-and-forth with HR departments about a leave request or expense claim. They can now communicate in real-time with the virtual assistant to resolve their matter quickly. By turning indexed results into human language, the bot streamlines routine tasks with 90% response accuracy.⁶ In the future, we could see many organizations use HR chatbot tools like Simpplr, in lieu of HRM systems.

What is the future of chatbots?

This is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the transformational impact of chatbots on our personal and professional lives. Every industry will be disrupted by the innovative force of AI.

Whether it's in a hair salon or medical office, we will see chatbot conversations become a high-tech waiting room. Rather than replacing these professionals, conversational AI will be the first port of call for clients, doing the groundwork and building rapport to streamline appointments.

The next generation of chatbots could also transcend text and voice communication. As deep learning and generative AI technology improve, we will likely see hyper-realistic visuals attached to chatbots. This will give users the impression they are speaking to a real person. 

As we saw with Meta's series of AI chatbots based on celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Tom Brady and Kendall Jenner, we may even have the opportunity to choose the chatbot avatars we converse with.

It might not only be celebrities who have AIs made in their likeness. There may be a future where everyone has a personal chatbot, which acts as their extension. Rather than your partner asking you what you'd like for your birthday or your colleague asking you how to do something, your AI could call upon your knowledge base to answer on your behalf. 

This functionality is already available in the tool Personal AI, which you can train to respond as 'you’. Useful technology for solopreneurs and influencers looking to grow their brand and put social media platforms on autopilot.

We will also see chatbots integrated into accessories and devices. Recently, Meta said their AI chatbot would be available in Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses, so users can receive real-time information on the go. 

With chatbots available on VR headsets like Meta Quest and Apple Vision Pro, it's easy to imagine a future where we communicate with chatbot holograms in the comfort of our homes.

Overcoming challenges and concerns

As chatbot solutions evolve, there will be a new set of social implications to consider. Firstly, there's the issue of job displacement. If advanced chatbots service most customer interactions, what will happen to the people in these roles? 

While AI is expected to replace 85 million jobs by 2030, the flipside is that many low-paid workers will be able to move into higher paid positions in a skills-based economy.⁷ For example, by reskilling, a customer service rep could taking responsibility for writing prompts for their organization.

There are also considerations about whether a reliance on AI will hinder our ability to communicate with other humans. Striking a balance between technological advancement and ethical considerations will be crucial to harness the benefits of conversational AI. 

At the end of the day, even the most advanced chatbots will never replace the human touch. However, we can work alongside them to build empathy and human intelligence at scale, solving some of the world's most complex problems in the process.

The future of Ask Marlee: The advanced chatbot transforming how we work

As an ethical AI provider, it is our responsibility to roll Ask Marlee out slowly and intentionally. However, even in its Beta stage, there's endless scope for this chatbot software to revolutionize how organizations operate. 

By drawing on an extensive knowledge base of technical expertise in the coaching and professional development world, Ask Marlee will provide on-demand guidance to employees and leaders alike. 

It will also be useful during the hiring process, to discover the best questions to ask candidates based on their Fingerprint for Success results.

To experience the magic of Ask Marlee, take the F4S Work Style Assessment. Then, access the tool inside your personal dashboard.

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“This coaching program has really helped me to see the value in goals, and get much better at setting them. It’s had a really positive impact on my career!”

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