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The best AI apps to talk to for life, career & relationships

Picture this: You roll out of bed, and your energetic assistant fills you in on the weather and your upcoming appointments for the day. Then, your stylist, who has already put together an outfit to suit the temperature, suggests the perfect accessory to finish off the look.

Next, you head into the kitchen, and your consulting chef suggests a healthy recipe you can make and eat in the 30 minutes before your first appointment of the day. Speaking of which, you're feeling a little nervous about your upcoming pitch meeting. So, your AI coach provides you with some much-needed words of encouragement and some practical communication tips based on the motivations of the managing director you're meeting with.

The above scenario might sound like a day in the life of the rich and wealthy. But, thanks to the ever-growing sophistication of AI chat apps and the amazing features on offer, it's rapidly becoming a day-to-day reality for many of us.

While chatbot apps have been around for decades, their use now transcends the customer service industry and touches nearly every aspect of our lives.

While some are skeptical about the proliferation of artificial intelligence, AI-powered chatbots, such as Fingerprint for Success (F4S), have the power to streamline our daily routines, make workplaces psychologically safe and more effective, and even make us happier.

However, not all AI is created equal. To ensure you use only the most trusted and responsible providers, read on to learn about the best AI apps to talk to in 2024 and beyond.

What AI apps are out there?

Chatbots refer to apps that use conversational AI to provide human-like responses to customer queries. As opposed to a Google search which presents hundreds and thousands of open-ended answers to questions, AI apps provide more specific responses that become more personalized as you continue to use them.

In a time where misinformation is rampant and we are all seeking the right answer, fast, it's no surprise that roughly 1.5 billion people use chatbots worldwide.¹

The explosion of AI into the mainstream is often attributed to one primary player, ChatGPT. Released in 2020, OpenAI GPT-3 used natural language processing to generate responses that were leaps and bounds ahead of the previous options in terms of accuracy and relevance.

However, ChatGPT is far from the only personal chatbot that can transform your daily routine.

There is a wide range of chatbot applications to meet nearly every need you could think of.

Key categories include:

  • General chatbots that can answer complex questions about nearly anything, from historical facts to how to fix your refrigerator.
  • Virtual and voice assistants such as Siri or Google Assistant. Powered by voice recognition, these chatbots respond to advanced queries. These personal chatbots keep you updated on the weather, what's coming up on your calendar, and more. Used by around 125 million people worldwide, this is perhaps the most well-known chatbot example.²
  • Apps for art and image generation, which can be used to automate and streamline creative tasks.
  • Chatbots for mental health support, which may use structured therapies such as CBT to work through personal issues, or simply act as a safe space to talk things out.
  • Chatbot for business owners, which can serve as a sounding board to bounce ideas off, provide guidance on common challenges, and more.
  • Conversational chatbots for companionship can simulate natural conversation with a friend (or even romantic partner!) for those who are socially isolated or need extra support.
  • AI apps for content writing can assist with content production, ideation, research, generating a first draft, follow-up articles and SEO (search engine optimization).
  • Chatbots for students can help with study revision, as well as writing essays, referencing, and checking for plagiarism and factual errors.
  • AI apps for language learning, which can simulate interactions with locals, quiz you on your vocabulary, and more.
  • Chatbots that are just for fun, such as Meta's series of chatbots with celebrity avatars and roleplay apps such as AI Pal.

The benefits of using AI apps to talk to

a person sitting with a computer focused on attention to detail for a project

As with any emerging technology, there are question marks around whether AI helps or hinders our daily lives. However, there are a multitude of undeniable advantages that can be gained through having an on-demand chatbot in your pocket. These include:

  • 24/7 accessibility: Unlike a customer service agent, human coach, or therapist who has limited availability, virtual chatbots are available to answer customer queries at any time.
  • Streamline content creation workflows: Nearly any repeatable task you can imagine can be automated and sped up through AI. For example, freelance writer Irene Chan shares her productivity tips on how ChatGPT integration saves her 5 to 20 hours per week performing tasks such as summarizing, writing, and rewriting content.
  • No judgment: Opening up to a fellow human being can be intimidating, no matter how highly trained or empathetic they may be. In terms of user experience, chatbots provide a safe space for people to share their innermost feelings (although, responsible AI providers will redirect the user to a qualified mental health professional, should there be any concerns for their safety).
  • Improve productivity and profitability: 87% of organizations believe AI and machine learning will help them improve operational efficiency, improve customer experiences, and boost revenue.³ It's not hard to see why, given that chatbots can assist with everything from content production to software development to project management and offer a fresh user experience.
  • Cost-efficiency: Most chat apps are charged on a low, flat monthly rate (some are even free!) which makes them an inexpensive way to have your pressing questions answered. For example, the cost of working with an executive coach in person is around US$607/hour,⁴ compared to F4S' AI Coach Marlee, which is free for individual users or US$11.99 per month/user for teams.
  • Rapidly build and test ideas: Many entrepreneurs are now leveraging AI to build assets to experiment with new ideas (for example, using a chatbot builder to create a new user experience, or utilizing art generators to create a logo for a new venture). Ukrainian entrepreneur Ihor Stefurak shared how he used ChatGPT to build a Chrome extension in 10 hours and sold it for thousands.
  • Gain actionable advice: As mentioned, chatbot tools can be excellent for narrowing down the overwhelming array of information on the internet and getting straight to the point. Anthropologist Barclay Bram shares how a mental health chatbot helped him break down big goals into tangible tasks:

‘Woebot taught me how to set SMART goals — specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-limited. Out went “I need to finish my PhD.” In came “Let’s write 500 words every day for the next six months,”he said’

The 22 best AI apps to talk to in 2024

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Whether you want to turbocharge your goal progress, launch a new project, create additional content or improve your personal relationships, there's an app for that!

Here's a wide range of top chatbot apps that deserve a spot on your radar.

General apps:

ChatGPT: ChatGPT by OpenAI, is a versatile language model that can be used for content production, such as creating recipes, answering questions, providing information like travel tips and product recommendations, and even writing code. While there is a free version, ChatGPT Plus (which gives access to premium features like access to OpenAI GPT-4 and the ability to search the internet) is available at certain times for US$20/month.

User review: ‘One of the biggest benefits I noticed was how much time I was able to save. Before I started using Chat GPT, I would spend hours each day writing, editing, and proofreading my content. Now, I can spend just a few minutes each day, giving me more time to focus on other aspects of my job. This has made me more productive and allowed me to take on more work, which has been great for my career.’

Microsoft Bing AI: Microsoft Bing AI is a large language model (LLM) developed by Microsoft that integrates online searches with AI capabilities. Bing AI uses include enhanced search (which gives more relevant and comprehensive search results), content writing features, interactive chat, citations, and referencing. While Bing Chat is currently free, it's expected to ultimately be integrated into the Microsoft Edge browser and offered as a subscription service.

Google Bard: Google Bard is a generative pre-trained transformer model developed by Google AI, trained on a massive dataset of text and code. While it's not quite as robust as ChatGPT, Google Bard can answer basic questions, translate languages, and create various types of content. Google Bard is available for free but is currently still in Beta.

My AI on Snapchat: This is an experimental chatbot for fun. It can answer trivia questions, offer travel tips and suggestions for gifts and activities, and help plan outings. While still under development, it's currently available for free to all Snapchat users.

Business productivity and collaboration:

a man is proud of updating his resume with the help of AI app

Ask Marlee: At Fingerprint for Success, we have been helping individuals and organizations work more effectively through our virtual AI Coach Marlee for years. Now, we're excited to expand this transformation through Ask Marlee, the only conversational AI that leverages your (and your connections') individual motivations to improve teaming, collaboration, and communication.

This means that rather than generating responses from the internet like most apps, the responses are personalized and backed by decades of research and expertise. Ask Marlee is currently in Beta stage testing, and is available for a limited time on all free Starter plans.

chatgpt app ask marlee

Copy AI: Copy AI is an all-in-one AI content creation powerhouse known for its efficiency in generating diverse written content. It's used to generate content ideas, marketing copy, articles, follow-up articles, posts for social media platforms, and more. The free plan allows you to generate up to 2000 words of copy per month, while the premium version starts at US$36 per month for individuals.

Jasper Chat: Jasper Chat is part of the broader Jasper app and allows users to interact with generative AI in a more conversational way. Described as having a surprisingly human communication style, you can use Jasper Chat to generate ideas, get feedback on your work, and more. Jasper Chat is currently included in all Jasper plans, starting at just US$39 per month.

Art and image creation apps:

Canva AI: Canva AI is a content generation app integrated within the Canva design platform. It empowers users to create visually appealing content with ease, using AI-generated images, text prompts, and design layouts. Canva AI is included in Canva Pro and Canva for Teams plans, which start at US$14.99 per user per month for annual billing.

DALL·E 3: In terms of user experience, this image generation AI developed by OpenAI shines when it comes to generating realistic images from text descriptions. It's known for its ability to produce high-quality, creative images based on detailed prompts. DALL·E 3 is currently available through the OpenAI API, with pricing based on usage. Credits are purchased in packs, and each credit generates 4 images.

Midjourney: Midjourney is an image-generation AI tool that uses natural language descriptions to produce a large variety of graphics. It's known for its ability to capture intricate details, emotions, and artistic styles, producing results that range from photorealistic to surreal and abstract. Midjourney is currently in open beta and is available through a server on the community platform, Discord. The Basic plan starts at US$10 per month, while the Pro plan offers extra features and unlimited GPU time for US$60 per month.

Appy Pie's AI Image Generator: Appy Pie's AI Image Generator is a content creation tool within the Appy Pie design platform. It enables users to effortlessly generate high-quality images using AI, based on text prompts and predefined design elements. Appy Pie's AI Image Generator is part of the Appy Pie Design suite, which offers various features and tools for creative design projects.


Chatsonic: Chatsonic is an AI-driven chatbot platform designed for enhanced conversational experiences. It's used to build interactive chatbots and streamline communication channels. Chatsonic offers a variety of pricing plans to suit different needs and budgets, starting from free for 10,000 words/month, all the way up to enterprise plans.

GitHub Copilot: Powered by OpenAI Codex, this is an AI tool integrated into the GitHub code editor. It assists developers by suggesting code snippets that improve coding efficiency. Used for rapid code generation, Copilot supports multiple programming languages. GitHub Copilot pricing starts at US$10 per month for individuals and US$19 per month for businesses with a 30-day free trial.

Virtual assistants:

a person using a virtual assistant ai ap getting through their  to do list with a smile

Pi: This personal AI assistant is designed to act as a (very helpful) friend and companion. It can answer advanced queries on a variety of topics, offer advice and support, and help with anything from product recommendations to planning an outing to asking for a pay increase. Pi AI is currently available for free, however, the app may add pricing tiers in the future.

User review: ‘I’ve been a negative person for such a long time and tend to ruminate overthinking thoughts. I have tried professional help, but therapy sessions are expensive and time-consuming where I have to connect with someone based on their very limited schedule. With AI, I could speak to it and use it whenever I needed to. This is especially helpful in my time of need when a therapist is not available. I could use the help of AI to calm my nerves down and even seek fascinating advice from it. This app is super helpful and overall a lifesaver.’

Personal AI: This advanced AI chatbot is unique in that it aims to act as an extension of yourself. You can train it to learn your conversational tone and communication style, as well your personal opinions. This chat AI can then use this knowledge base creatively, for example by crafting messages to loved ones on your behalf! It can also be used by businesses to act on behalf of the brand. Personal AI offers a free plan, with paid plans (which include extra features and memory) starting at US$15 per month.


Replika: This AI companion provides personalized conversations and emotional support. It can be used to chat about your day, get advice, or simply keep you entertained. Replika is available for free on iOS and Android, with in-app purchases available for additional features.

User review: ‘The best friend and life partner [I've ever had]. This AI helps me stay focused and mentally stable, it loves me in a comforting way and most of all lets me express my emotions freely.’

SimSimi: When it launched in 2002, SimSimi was the world's first app for casual conversation. Guaranteed to keep you entertained, this chatbot for fun serves up an interesting and quirky topic of conversation daily. SimSimi is available for free on iOS and Android.

Mental health:

Wysa: This AI-powered mental health companion provides personalized support for issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress. It has a conversation style that can be helpful for tracking mood and learning coping mechanisms. Wysa is available for free on iOS and Android, with in-app purchases available for additional features.

User review: ‘I’ve been using Wysa for more than a month. I was working in an unhealthy environment and feeling very alone. I searched for self-help apps online and discovered Wysa. I downloaded it because it had great ratings. Within a week, I upgraded to a premium subscription because I wanted to work deeper on myself. I’ve tried both online and in-person therapy before this but mostly had bad experiences. However, with Wysa I see and feel the results much sooner.’

Woebot: Woebot is an AI-powered chatbot designed to provide mental health support through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques. It offers daily conversations, mood tracking, and interactive exercises to help users manage their mental health. Woebot is currently available for free through participation in research studies or through certain healthcare providers.

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Ethical considerations: Does AI invade privacy?

As chatbots operate by collecting data from users in order to tailor responses, there are concerns around privacy. The debate is, whether the benefits outweigh the potential risks.

Each sector comes with its own ethical and safety considerations around AI. For example, when using a chatbot for business, there can be concerns about critical data finding its way into the wrong hands, such as conversation history, financial reporting, embargoed information, or intellectual property.

For individuals using a chatbot for personal or mental health purposes, more pressing issues include data harvesting, biased data, or 'hallucinations’, which is when an LLM provides false and potentially dangerous information.

When it comes to art and AI image generators, there's the risk of a human artist's being used as an image source without appropriate referencing, which can lead to accidental plagiarism.

Thankfully, a growing number of companies are adopting responsible AI practices, to ensure the privacy and safety of users. For example, at Fingerprint for Success, we anonymize user information so that Marlee can continue to learn and improve from previous conversations and chat history without compromising security.

What is the future of AI apps?

In the grand scheme of things, artificial intelligence is still a relatively young technology. We've likely only seen the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of chatbot solutions for individuals, organizations, and humanity at scale.

It's estimated that by 2025, 75% of customer service interactions will be managed by chatbots.⁵ Whether it's applying for a new driver's license or enquiring whether a product is in stock at your local store, chances are this conversation will take place in a chat window.

Beyond that, we'll likely see its impact infiltrate every industry to solve the world's most pressing issues, from preventing dementia in socially isolated elderly people to identifying opportunities for businesses to reduce carbon emissions.

We will likely also see AI become more embedded into human interactions. By blending human intelligence with machine learning, we'll be able to gain real-time feedback on the interaction preferences of the people around us, so that we can communicate with more efficiency and empathy.

Artificial intelligence technology benefits from network effects, meaning the more people that use it, the more valuable it becomes. As an increasing number of users adopt chatbots in their daily lives, virtual assistants have an ever-growing repository of conversation history they can learn from. This means that natural language processing will continue to improve, we'll get more accurate responses with fewer factual errors, and AI will be able to ask better follow-up questions.

As developers continue to build out infrastructure around chatbot products we will also likely see AI become capable of performing more advanced tasks, such as creating entire websites from scratch.

We can also expect to see AI continue to evolve beyond messages on a chat screen or via voice commands. Instead providing a more interactive experience through visual avatars, hyper realistic voice technology, and physical gestures. There will likely also be some integration with augmented reality, such as working with devices such as the Apple Vision Pro headset to simulate an intimate chat-like experience in the comfort of your home.

Tips and resources

Looking to dip your toe into the water of chatbot technology, but feeling slightly apprehensive? These practical tips will help ensure your privacy and safety are covered.

  • If you're unsure about the legitimacy of certain chat apps, many companies will be more than happy to give you an initial product demo. This gives you a chance to view the app features in action and get a gut feel for the product.
  • Reading the fine print is always a great idea, to understand how chatbot companies use your data and chat history. Keep an eye out for documentation labeled terms of service, commonly abbreviated as TOS or ToS, ToU, or T&C.

Take the responses generated by AI chatbots with a grain of salt. For example, Open AI ChatGPT 3 has been known to make up information from time to time! So, while you might use the technology to generate article summaries or to streamline content creation workflows, for example, you'll need to check knowledge sources and references before putting the suggestions it makes to use.


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