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ChatGPT is the second fastest-growing application in history accumulating one million users 5 days from launch and more than 100 million monthly users within the first 2 months.1,2

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What is ChatGPT?
What are the best AI chatbots for 2024?
What is the industrial impact of AI powered chatbot apps?7
What's the best ChatGPT app for performance and collaboration at work?
Tips to get the best out of chatbots28,29
What's the future of conversational AI?
Embrace AI chat technology to level up performance
Frequently asked questions
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This popularity stems from an unparalleled conversational experience, widespread accessibility, and an extensive reservoir of information.

Since then a wide range of third-party ChatGPT-powered or similar apps have entered the market. Each with its own unique features.

Among them, F4S Ask Marlee stands out as the only app that assists with professional goals and personal development by digging into our psyche and unique personal motivations.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to process interactions and generate human-like conversations. ChatGPT, the app, is built on the Generative Pre-trained Transformer technology (GPT), developed by OpenAI. It uses cutting edge AI technology such as Machine Learning (ML), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Predictive Learning (PL) to understand context and generate more coherent responses.3,4

Understanding the landscape

The development of ChatGPT is part of OpenAI's ongoing effort to advance artificial intelligence capabilities and make it accessible for various applications. This has led to the creation of several third-party chat applications and integrations powered by ChatGPT.

best chat gpt app global forecast
source 2

What can we expect from a ChatGPT App?

  1. It must understand what we’re saying and the context, and produce appropriate responses.
  2. The responses must be provided quickly and must feel natural. Users feel uncomfortable when responses sound robotic.
  3. It should handle various topics and converse in the user’s preferred language.
  4. Responses must be tailored to the user’s age group and requirement, like explaining ‘photosynthesis’ to a 6th grader.
  5. It must provide accurate subject matter information. However, it’s important to note that all chatbots include disclaimers to warn users of ‘hallucinations’ (more on this later) to encourage fact-checking.
source 3
  1. It must keep our information private and safe. This is a huge concern for many users and a cause of much debate.
  2. It's great if the chatbot works with other apps. For instance, imagine scheduling a meeting without opening another app.

Different types of Chatbots

Before we get to the best ChatGPT apps, it's important to understand that these applications don't all serve the same purpose; each has a wide range of features and specialties. Some of the most common chatbot apps fall into the following categories:

  • Chatbots and virtual assistants: simulate conversations with users and provide information or assistance, such as ChatGPT and Google Bard.
  • Content creation: generate articles, stories and other types of content based on user prompts, such as WriteSonic and Jasper AI.
  • Text summarization tools: automatically summarize large amounts of text and extract key information, such as Summarly and
  • Language translation services: use GPT models to assist in translating text between different languages, such as Google Translate and DeepL.
  • Code generation and assistance: help developers by generating code snippets or providing coding suggestions, such as GitHub and Kite.

Limitations of all chatbot apps3

Chatbot technology is fairly new and though constant improvements are being made, they do have certain limitations. For instance:

  1. Hallucinations can occur, meaning they sometimes provide convincing but completely made-up or incorrect answers.
  2. They may be prone to bias.
  3. They may produce incorrect responses when prompts are confusing.  
  4. Some users feel bots can be repetitive in the responses provided.
  5. They often have limited competitive coding abilities.
  6. Responses may appear robotic at times and have to be edited for further use.

What are the best AI chatbots for 2024?

User reviews can either make or break an app. Therefore, we examined these applications based on user feedback and personally tested them. Here we bring you comprehensive insights, so you can choose the best chatbot for your needs.

1. ChatGPT by OpenAI

best chat gpt app chat GPT by OpenAI
Source 3

ChatGPT, where it all started, was created using a large set of information gathered from the internet, including Wikis, news articles, and research papers.5 It has become the nomenclature for the technology and receives monthly organic traffic of more than 173.9M.

Interesting statistics about ChatGPT:

chat gpt stats
source 4

Technology experts such as Bill Gates, Andrew Ng, Aaron Levie, and many more are excited and hopeful about ChatGPT’s potential to transform lives. From providing learning opportunities to revolutionizing communication, expectations run high.

‘The most stunning demo I’ve ever seen in my life,’ says Bill Gates during a demo of ChatGPT acing an AP Bio exam. ‘I’m still, personally, in a state of shock at Wow, it is so good,’6

Who uses ChatGPT the most?

According to a US survey, most ChatGPT users are between 18 and 29 years old, followed by those who are 30 to 49 years old.7

chat GPT use in the US chart
Source 5

What is ChatGPT most used for?

Young adults (those under 30) use ChatGPT more for learning or fun than older adults. People with lower education levels (high school or less) are less likely to use it for fun, learning, or work. The use of ChatGPT for learning, work, and entertainment is 13% for high-schoolers, 21% for college graduates, 19% for those with bachelor degrees, and 26% for postgraduates.

chat GPT chart based on usage
Source 6

Chat GPT reviews
Source 7

ChatGPT Pros

1. It’s been voted the easiest to use because of its user-friendly interface and impressive features.

2. Great for learning and research. Multiple users reported using it for brainstorming, idea generation, and understanding new concepts.

‘Easy to use—saves a ton of time—excellent for idea generation,’ John T. 8

3. Understands and communicates instant responses clearly. The majority of users say that the app produces quick responses adeptly.

‘ChatGPT is a fascinating technology that has the potential to transform the way we communicate with machines.’ Andrew Ng, Founder of

4. ChatGPT comes with amazing additional features designed for users with visual impairments.

chat GPT reviews

5. ChatGPT-4 advanced capabilities enable it to go online and fetch the latest information with the help of a web browser plugin.9

6. Additional mind-blowing features are available with GPT-4 technology.

7. Users think it's a great writing task tool compared to other options which makes it highly suitable for writing essays for school and college assignments, business reports and other writing tasks.

8. Generates precise responses in accordance with your chat history.

9. Offers unlimited questions.

ChatGPT cons

  1. Openai's ChatGPT-3 and ChatGPT-3.5 model cannot go online so their responses aren't up-to-date.
  2. Some responses lack depth.
  3. May fail to understand user intent.
  4. Some responses need editing to sound more natural.
  5. Does not provide content credits with responses which compromises response reliability.
  6. Lags in competitive programming.
  7. ChatGPT-3.5 lacks image creation capabilities so can't be used as an art generator like Bing.
  8. Occasionally focuses on the wrong part of the question and fails to shift back.

Real use cases of ChatGPT

It’s considered an amazing tool for business assistance. Which is especially helpful for one-man departments or small business owners.

Colin Pearson, former UK Business Development Manager at StudySmarter, says:

‘It‘s important to catch people’s attention while ensuring all the relevant details are covered. I can ask ChatGPT to write an email with a call to action,’ Pearson says. ‘At first, the results were sketchy, but now that our company uses it more, it has learned more about us, and the results are more relevant. Still, I always rewrite content in my own voice and really use it for ideas and templates rather than the finished article, but it helps form ideas, and it is really good at formatting text.’10
Similarly, V Igor, A small business owner claims, ‘ChatGPT excels at generating diverse and relevant content, which is incredibly valuable for brainstorming and ideation sessions. It helps me explore various angles and ideas that I can use to shape my products. ChatGPT's rapid responses aid in solving challenges and making decisions. I can present scenarios and questions to the model, gaining insights that contribute to informed choices.’11

Since ChatGPT is great for writing, content creators and editors often use it to finetune their work.

Bani Kaur shares how she uses Chat GPT at work
source 8
Chat GPT ratings
source 9

Unique selling points (USP)

  1. Provides high-quality content (text).
  2. Quickest chatbot app (in comparison to Bard and Bing AI).
  3. Follows chat history to understand context.
  4. Great content creator for writing projects.
  5. Most human-like responses (in comparison to Bard and Bing AI).

ChatGPT pricing

GPT-3 technology is free to use, but an upgrade to ChatGPT-4 is available for US$20 per month.

Here is a graphic comparison of ChatGPT-3.5 and ChatGPT-4 features:

source 10: chatGPT comparison

2. Google Bard

best chat gpt app google bard
source 11

Bard was released in May 2023 as a direct response to the rise of OpenAI's ChatGPT. When comparing the 2, it’s important to remember that Bard is a Google product. ChatGPT may have more than 100 million users but Google holds more than 80% of the market share for search queries with a billion daily users. So, Bard has a ton of potential when it comes to reach and the amount of real-time feedback it can provide.12

Bard Chat AI is trained on an Infiniset, a data set including Common Crawl, Wikipedia, documents, conversations and dialogues from the web. Similar yet different to ChatGPT technology, and a great ChatGPT alternative. The advantage with Bard is that it can fetch fresh data from the internet.

Who uses Bard and what is it most used for?

According to DemandSage, Bard has more than 140.6 million monthly visitors. Google has predicted that the number of Bard users will pass 1 billion by the end of 2023. Bard serves various purposes, such as research, creativity, productivity, and entertainment.13

bard user reviews
source 12

With 1.5K ratings on the Apple store, a growing user base, and our own testing, it’s safe to say that Bard is an amazing chatbot tool. To learn more, let's look at the pros and cons of Bard.

bard user reviews
source 13

Bard pros

  1. Excellent chat experience and a great customer experience.
  2. Better for research than ChatGPT. Many people are using Bard work assistance.
‘Google Bard is one of the strongest AI platforms which is capable of giving some real-time text-based information just in seconds. I do most of my business research work through Google Bard only. The best thing about Bard is that it gives exact information in the format that you want it to give. You ask anything, it searches the whole internet, refines the data, and then brings you the desired results according to your need.’ G Abhishek, Sales Executive.14
  1. Delivered through Google Search and uses real-time data to provide up-to-date responses.
  2. Provides content credits to its text responses if prompted.
  3. You can incorporate images into prompts.
  4. Seamless integration with other Google products and services, such as Google Maps, YouTube, Gmail, and Docs.
  5. Generates multiple draft responses for each prompt, enabling users to choose the most suitable response based on their preferences.
  6. And the best part is it’s available for free on web and mobile devices.

Bard cons

  1. Many reviewers mention that it sometimes generates inaccurate or misleading responses, especially if you feed it complex prompts.
  2. Bard's primary integration lies with Google products and services, which restricts its compatibility with third-party tools and platforms.
  3. Its responses are slower than ChatGPT.
  4. Bard requires access to your data. Multiple users mentioned they felt unsafe or uncomfortable when it asked for access to their data.
  5. Responses tend to be repetitive.
  6. Bard does not currently offer users unlimited access.
  7. Bard’s coding abilities are limited compared to ChatGPT
‘It can't be widely used for coding as ChatGPT can be because it mainly focuses on updated information, not for coding purposes.’15

Bard USP

  1. It’s free.
  2. Creative voice technology so you can ‘listen’ to responses.
  3. Has access to real-time information.
  4. Produces multiple responses simultaneously.
  5. Integration with Google tools.

Bard real-life use cases

Similar to ChatGPT, people are using Bard to help with work and simplify their lives.

S Manmeet who works in brand management says, ‘Bard is very useful for me in marketing, I have to do research on my clients and their competition to make a report. Earlier I used to just Google everything and go one by one but now with Bard, I get all the info in just 1 page in minutes to make a report and decision.’16
Similarly, Hospital Manager J Apeksha says she loves the tools to assist her with work. She says,‘Google Bard is a great application. I have always been using this application since I came to know about it. Since I am the hospital manager I always need to check with the employees and doctors. There are numerous reminder notices, and emails are being forwarded internally from one department to another department. Earlier it took a lot of time to draft those things but now with the help of Google Bard, everything can be done within a few minutes. It has great drafting ability.’17

It’s also particularly helpful because of its integration with other Google products.

‘I like how I can easily have it present in my Gmail compose section and the ability to integrate it with the Google Workspace apps that I use,’ N Siddhesh a small business owner.18
google bard user reviews
source 14

3. Bing Chat (Now Microsoft Copilot)

microsoft copilot home page
source 15

Bing Chat is a large language model chat AI developed by Microsoft, trained on a massive dataset of text and code. Microsoft released Bing Chat in February 2023 and it is integrated into the Bing Browser.19 This ensures a natural flow of traffic through Bing’s search engine. Though no website or app is solely dedicated to it, Bing Chat can be found in the main navigation menu.

source 16

Microsoft is constantly adding new features to Bing Chat and sharing those updates on their blog. On August 25, the company expanded Bing Chat to Google Chrome, allowing chatbot users to use it beyond the Edge browser or the Bing mobile app. Bing Chat accepts text and  image inputs, which gives it a competitive advantage over ChatGPT.

Just a few weeks after its release, Microsoft's Bing search engine surpassed 100 million daily active users.20 Now Microsoft is rebranding Bing Chat as Microsoft Copilot in a direct challenge to ChatGPT. Microsoft Copilot, powered by the Prometheus model, offers a more comprehensive and informative search experience and is available in preview now at

Here's what we learned about Bing Chat’s conversation experience from its users and reviews.

bing chat reviews best chat gpt app
source 17

Bing Chat (Now Microsoft Copilot) pros

  1. Excellent chat experience and a great customer experience.
  2. It's considered a great tool for brainstorming and research.
‘Bing is one of the best Artificial Intelligence tools to help us with anything. It is more helpful in constructing ideas, useful in content writing, etc.’ S Maaz, Customer Support Analyst.21
  1. It can access real-time information from the internet.
  2. Currently available for free on web and mobile platforms.
  3. The content creation process is easy. Use the composition tool to write your prompt, choose the tone, format, and length.
  4. It is integrated with Microsoft Edge, the default browser for Windows PCs.
‘Bing Chat integrates seamlessly with Bing Search, allowing me to quickly look up information, search for images, or find relevant web pages without leaving the chat interface. This feature provides a convenient way to gather information and share it with others during conversations.’ B Darshana, Digital Marketing Executive.22
  1. Since it's weaved into the browser, it provides insights about the page you're on and offers more tailored outputs based on your location, preferences, and history.
‘The most helpful thing about Bing Chat is its integration with the Microsoft Edge browser, as getting the required info in less time is much easier.’ John S, Copy Editor.23
  1. Bing can create captivating images when given prompts and is being used for art generation.
  2. Displays photos in results, which enables you to visualize the responses.
  3. Offers possible follow up questions with each response.
  4. Provides sources for all responses, which improves reliability and trustworthiness.
source 18

Bing Chat (Now Microsoft Copilot) cons

  1. Some report that Bing is slower than its counterparts.
  2. Just like ChatGPT and Bard, Bing can offer inaccurate or misleading responses when dealing with complex prompts or topics.
‘Occasionally, when I pose detailed or complex inquiries, Bing Chat may struggle to comprehend the context or deliver the most pertinent information. This can be a tad frustrating as I find myself needing to rephrase my questions or conduct additional searches to obtain the desired outcomes.’ S Abhijith, Freelance Designer.24
  1. Bing Chat's primary integration lies with Microsoft products and services, this restricts its compatibility with third-party tools and platforms.
  2. Its creative capabilities aren’t as advanced as those of Bard and ChatGPT, according to reviews.
  3. Doesn’t have creative writing skills so is not the ideal partner for writing assistance.
  4. For now Bing does not offer unlimited chat messages. The engagement is limited to 30 chats per session and 300 chats per day.
  5. Bing’s chat restricts discussions on more topics compared to other advanced language models. This might limit its use for certain conversations or answering some user queries.25
  6. It pauses response generation when users navigate to another window.


  1. It’s free to use.
  2. Customers love the user-friendly interface and the use of emojis in responses.
  3. Has access to real-time information.
  4. AI Image generation capability.
  5. Gives citations in responses.
  6. Integrated into the browser.

Bing Chat (Now Microsoft Copilot) real-life use cases

A great thing about smart bots is their ability to speed up daily tasks such as crafting emails and social media posts.

‘Bing is one of the best Artificial Intelligence tools to help us with anything. It is more helpful in constructing ideas, useful in content writing etc. What I like the most about Bing Chat is the content for LinkedIn posts and email writing.’ S Maaz, Customer Support Analyst.26

In addition to helping out with work tasks, people are also using Bing Chat for personal use.

R Nydia Stephany, a freelance graphic designer and photographer says, ‘I use it almost every day for day-to-day housework, recipes, medical advice, homework, research, and yes, even professional use such as for business resources or related topics. Included in Microsoft Edge, you don't even have to download it as a plugin to use Bing Chat. You can use Bing chat in nearly every aspect of life.’ 27

Bing Chat (Now Microsoft Copilot) pricing

Free to use

chat gpt bing chat reviews
source 19

What is the industrial impact of AI powered chatbot apps?7

AI chatbot technology may significantly impact traditionally-secure, higher-paying jobs that require a college education.  

Survey responses show that more than 50% believe chatbots will impact software engineers (56%), graphic designers (54%), and journalists (52%) in the next 20 years. However, only 19% of employed adults think it will impact their own jobs.

Among these, 60% of those aged 30 to 49 anticipate a major or minor impact, with higher education levels correlating to increased expectations of impact (71% postgraduate, 60% bachelor’s degree, 48% some college, 42% high school diploma or less).

What's the best ChatGPT app for performance and collaboration at work?

Fingerprint For Success (F4S) Ask Marlee

Ask Marlee’s sole focus is you and your team. Ask Marlee specializes in collaboration and performance coaching and is the only open-domain conversational AI that uses you and your team members’ personalized motivations to ensure you thrive in work and life.

F4S developed Ask Marlee by integrating 20 years of research insights on successful entrepreneurs and business leaders together with deep expertise in coaching, behavioral data science, and AI engineering.

Ask Marlee uses ChatGPT's language model to generate unique conversational responses rather than follow a script. You experience an authentic coaching experience, just like working with a human coach.

chatgpt app ask marlee

Start with a quick 15-minute assessment to uncover your personal motivations, then set up a team and invite team members to take the assessment. AI Coach Marlee then invites you to set your personal goals and offers insights and recommendations to help you achieve them.

The best part about Ask Marlee’s advice is that it's personalized to your specific needs, goals, and areas of improvement. Plus, Marlee doesn't just use general internet information in the recommendations provided like other language models. Marlee’s advice is personalized to the motivational assessments of you and your team.

As a pioneering AI coach, here are some remarkable achievements by Marlee:

  • AI Coach Marlee is trusted by individuals and teams in more than 194 countries.
  • Users gave Marlee an impressive rating of 4.2+ starts out of 5.
  • Marlee helped 90% of users reach their goals within 4-5 weeks. Making Marlee even more effective than human coaches.

Personalized insights for your goal

Pioneering new things
An illustration of a Man wearing a a blue suit with head gear fully covered his head.

You like some variety, radical changes, doing new and different things in some of your work or business.

100% Match
Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
An illustration of a woman holding a Heart on her right hand and Brain on her left hand.

With a little bit of development you can become more socially aware of yourself and others.

61% Match
Take the free assessment

F4S Ask Marlee pros

  1. Easily accessible digital coach, so everyone can engage from anywhere, anytime.
  2. Learns about you with an evidence-based assessment before coaching you.
  3. Opens up intrinsic motivations with personalized advice.
  4. Goes into detail about how you can collaborate better with each team member.
  5. Focuses on soft skill development.
  6. More people feel more comfortable opening up to an AI coach than a human.33
  7. Personalized to your specific motivations and goals.
  8. Ask Marlee adjusts sessions to your pace.

F4S Ask Marlee cons

  1. Ask Marlee's heavy reliance on personalized data requires rigorous privacy and security.
  2. Some users may feel uncomfortable opening up to an AI coach.
  3. Dependence on a self-assessment for coaching requires complete and honest assessment data.
  4. Responses are slower compared to other chatbots.
  5. Has limited features compared to other chat AI technologies.

F4S Ask Marlee real-life use cases

Ask Marlee is currently in Beta stage testing, and is available for a limited time on all free F4S Starter pricing plans.

"Ask Marlee has identified my motivations extremely well. It has helped me to confirm my challenges with tasks and what I tolerate and not. It has also helped me to consider things that I choose to change to being the best version of me. Thank you"
A smiling person, sharing her experience with ai coach Marlee


Role, Company


  1. Personalized to users’ individual needs.
  2. Easily accessible.
  3. Great for team collaboration.

F4S Ask Marlee and Privacy

We understand that privacy is a common concern in coaching, and while sharing with an AI coach may seem easier, we acknowledge the rapid spread of AI and potential privacy concerns. From the beginning, our focus has been on ensuring complete confidentiality and data security. As professional coaches, we recognize the importance of trust, and privacy is a key consideration in every step of our coaching process.

We use ChatGPT-4 as our Large Language Model (LLM), but not exclusively. This ensures control over Marlee's dialogue, avoiding inaccuracies. Insights from coaching sessions are leveraged to analyze users' successful actions, improving targeted advice.

We prioritize ethics by anonymizing data, enabling Marlee to use a broad knowledge base without compromising user privacy. Check our privacy policy for any confidentiality or data security concerns before starting AI coaching.

Tips to get the best out of chatbots28,29

Here’s some extra tips to help you gain the most from chatbots:

  1. Provide specific and clear prompts to generate accurate responses.
  2. Utilize platforms like Prompt Vibes to generate precise prompts, helping you expedite work and school tasks such as email drafts, essays, creative projects, blog posts, assignments, cover letters, and employee evaluations.
  3. Use them to prepare for job interviews.
  4. Use relevant keywords to help the chatbot understand context.
  5. Always check important information since chatbots are prone to hallucination.
  6. Use them for coding assistance.

What's the future of conversational AI?

With the AI arms race underway rapid innovation is expected. In November OpenAI introduced a strong new AI model, the option to create your own AI assistant, and a new marketplace, that’s effectively an App Store exclusively for chatbots.30

More innovations already in the works are the rapid innovations of AI technology. It is progressively getting better at understanding text, images, and audio, and is learning to handle different challenges and complex tasks, such as dealing with legal matters and providing efficient customer service. So you can expect improvement in all aspects, including further advanced research and conversational capabilities.

Embrace AI chat technology to level up performance

Chatbots are AI powered search engines that may soon replace traditional search platforms.34 Adapt and use these essential tools for efficiency in all walks of life. Choose apps that fit your needs. You have a range of options to choose from.

For writing, go for ChatGPT, for research, try Bing, and artists and coders can use a combination for best results. Learn about these powerful tools to make an informed decision.

Find your 24/7 personal assistant, explore options, and pick what helps you automate mundane tasks. This way you can reduce workload and free up time for personal and professional growth.

Ask Marlee: the best ChatGPT app for personal and professional growth

Elevate your collaboration and performance with Ask Marlee, your 24/7 on-demand AI coach. Sign up for free to begin your tailored coaching program and experience the benefits of cutting-edge technology for improved well-being and performance. Don't wait, start your journey to better collaboration today!

Recommended program for you:

Our expert coaches developed a 9-week Vital Wellbeing program to help you learn how to calm anxiety quickly and build emotional resistence.

Coach Marlee (your amazing AI-powered personal coach) will analyse your unique traits and goals to personalize the program so you see results as quickly as possible.


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“I’ve always found it daunting to be a leader, I have never sought out to be the one in charge. The positions have always found me. I now have new confidence. I especially like the concept of leadership through context. Very empowering”.

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“The Team Building program was a great tool to get to know my team and to explore how can we improve our way of working”

Show more testimonials
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“As an engineer, I never thought about doing a retro with my family. This has been cool.”

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“Marlee helped me to work on my self-belief”

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“I’ve always found it daunting to be a leader, I have never sought out to be the one in charge. The positions have always found me. I now have new confidence. I especially like the concept of leadership through context. Very empowering”.

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"With attention to detail program, I learned a whole new way to see and approach projects"

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“Wow this program has totally changed my relationship to goals! Thanks so much Marlee, I miss you already”

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“This wellbeing program blew my expectations. At first I thought the program was just going to help me with weight loss, but as I went through, I got so much more. This program has helped me shift my entire thinking and attitudes about myself, helping me to prioritize my health and wellbeing. I feel amazing!”

Frequently asked questions

What are some ethical concerns with Chatbots:31

  1. All AI chatbots are trained on a massive dataset of text and code from the real world so they may reflect existing biases.
  2. 26 of the top 100 most popular websites have blocked ChatGPT and other chatbots, as they don’t give content credits. Also, they don’t cite or link to sources when mentioning information borrowed from websites.32
  3. These AI models store user conversations for training and improvement, this raises privacy concerns for users who value data privacy. Plus, using personal data unlawfully may lead to legal and ethical issues in the future. ChatGPT has been banned in Italy due to similar privacy, ethical and legal issues. 
  4. It’s possible for these tools to be misused for malicious purposes, such as creating fake news or spreading misinformation. 
  5. There may be a lack of transparency about the inner workings of these tools which raises concerns about accountability and trust. We recommend you do your own research before using.
  6. Many worry that these large language models could automate many tasks currently performed by humans, leading to job losses and economic disruption

Can chatbots enhance workplace productivity?

Most employed Americans are not optimistic about chatbots being helpful for their work. Only 15-20% of working adults believe chatbots would be extremely or very helpful. Younger workers and those with higher levels of formal education are slightly more optimistic about the usefulness of chatbots for their jobs.7

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