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To achieve your goals, you need a trusted coach to unlock your inner brilliance, to provide real-time feedback in tricky situations, and to keep you on track. An AI coach puts all this and more in your back pocket, so you can reach your full potential.

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90% of users achieve their goals in 4-9 weeks

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Ever experienced that excited-to-get-out-of bed feeling?

That's what our AI coaching does.
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Get motivated

Each of us has our own unique drives. Our highly accurate assessment pinpoints exactly what gets you fired up and ready to work

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Crush your goals

Just tell us what you'd like to achieve, and our AI magic will curate the perfect online coaching program to get you there.

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Boost wellbeing

Feel like the most energized version of yourself, with our actionable coaching focused on improving work/life balance.

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Love what you do

Use powerful insights to uncover your unique talents and overcome blindspots, so you can level up in your career.

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an image from f4s service showcasing soft skill motivationimage from f4s service showing programs coonected to becoming an ispiring leaderan image of some F4S training programs for wellbeing boostan image of 3 cards from f4s insights on finding your unique talents
How it works

What is an AI coach? 

In 2020, we launched the world's first AI Coach Marlee, to help everyone to develop and achieve their goals. With a 4.4-star customer rating, Marlee coaches to 1,000 different types of goals to support work, career, leadership, financial, well-being, and relationships.
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A science-backed process

Coaching is an evidence-based approach that helps you accelerate your progress in your life, career, and relationships. It involves asking meaningful questions to help you achieve unparalleled clarity and confidence.

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Human wisdom meets innovation

AI coaching uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to harness the wisdom of human coaching and help you design the life and career of your dreams. The results speak for themselves, with research showing AI coaching can be more effective than human coaching when it comes to achieving goals.¹

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Cost-effective and scalable 

Traditionally, human coaching has been reserved for C-suite leaders in organizations. With on-demand sessions available to people at all levels, our AI-powered coaching program democratizes access to personal and professional development.

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About coaching

How to find the right AI coach

AI coaching has exploded in popularity in recent years, disrupting everything from sales and sports to mental health and fitness.
However, not all AI-powered coaching tools are created equal. At , our revolutionary AI coach, Marlee, has been built on 20+ years of research in the coaching industry. Marlee can thoughtfully respond and adapt to ensure you receive only the most relevant and personalized responses.
"Marlee's questions are very thought provoking and really served as a sounding board for me. It's an amazing experience."
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The benefits of AI coaching for personal growth

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Work alongside human coaches

One major misconception is that the goal of AI is to replace human coaches. However, we believe it can work seamlessly alongside the powerful work humans are already doing. Many coaches even incorporate our app into their own practices!

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Break down barriers

For many, the thought of reaching out to a coach for the first time can be daunting. Working with an AI coach can reduce overwhelm and fear of judgment, as users feel empowered to be their authentic selves.

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Anytime and anywhere

With personalized, 24/7 support at their fingertips, users find that they not only reach their goals faster but also develop the essential skills for long-term success.

How it works

How our AI coaching works

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Uncover your talents with our crazy-accurate assessment 

Based on 20+ years of research, our revolutionary assessment is more than 90% accurate and measures 48 different motivations.

Identify your personal motivations, strengths, and blind spots, for a result that's as unique as your fingerprint.

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Set a goal and let our magic AI Coach Marlee curate your online coaching path

More than 90% of users achieve their goals by the end of their first coaching program.

Just set a goal to improve your self-esteem, and leadership skills, get a promotion, or increase your income, and our smart AI will recommend the perfect series of online coaching programs to help you achieve it.

We offer coaching for more than 1,000 different goals, so there's truly something for everyone.

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Hack your growth with 15-minute online coaching sessions

Built by expert coaches and scientists, AI-powered Coach Marlee delivers personalized coaching that suits your unique traits and goals.

Plus, the bitesize coaching sessions are totally flexible. Chat with Marlee whenever is convenient for you — whether it's with your morning coffee, on your daily commute, or even from bed.

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Stay accountable with AI Coach Marlee

We've thought of everything you could ever need to stay on track with your goals, for good.

In addition to your weekly coaching sessions with Marlee, you'll receive regular check-ins on your action steps.

You can also record your progress, feelings, and challenges between sessions, with a digital journal that supports text and images.

If you need an extra boost of motivation, you can also connect with our global community of unique talents and pioneers in human development.


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Impress yourself and others with your attention to detail! Develop a genuine appreciation, energy and stamina for detailed thinking to execute your vision, measure performance in yourself and others while also accelerating your ability to learn and change.

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Develop ‘step back’ mastery for increased self-awareness and developing mindsets and tools for constant improvement. Reflection and patience is core to consolidating learning, development, strategic thinking, recharging and living an authentic and meaningful life.

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Close the gap between your great ideas and starting them. Energy and drive for starting is key for inventing new things, starting businesses, selling, marketing, socializing or in situations where you need to think on your feet.

Our mission

The future of AI Coaching

This is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential of AI coaching. As technology continues to evolve, we will likely see real-time expert feedback integrated into all the places we live and work — including inside collaboration and communication apps.

At Fingerprint for Success, we are constantly evolving Coach Marlee to better meet our users' emotional needs and improve their daily lives.

Ethics policy

How we approach AI coaching ethics

We’re committed to ensuring that our products promote inclusivity, minimize discriminatory practices, and enable people to live more authentically connected lives, helping everyone to realize their full potential.

At F4S, we align with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. AI Coach Marlee has been intentionally designed with responsible AI principles. For example, we use anonymized user data so that Coach Marlee can learn and improve from coaching sessions while protecting your privacy. To learn more, read our ethical commitments.

Kickstart your personal development journey with AI coaching

Our AI coach Marlee has helped thousands of individuals and organizations achieve their goals, and we'd love you to experience this transformation, too. Unlock your key to success by getting started with Fingerprint for Success today.

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