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CoachHub digital coaching vs Fingerprint for Success

With one in five people believing a global recession is 'highly likely' in 2023, it's safe to say the modern workforce has a lot on its mind¹. Organizations are facing tighter budgets, and seeing a decline in morale and engagement².

In the face of this uncertainty, it's important to have a game plan to retain talent, develop leaders, and improve overall culture. Providing a structured approach to people development, a scalable coaching program provides a life raft to weather the storm.

Both CoachHub and Fingerprint for Success (F4S) are digital coaching platforms that provide professional coaching to employees at all career levels. But while they both offer personalized coaching, they are quite different in their approaches.

Wondering whether to choose CoachHub or Fingerprint for Success for your talent development platform? Read on for everything you need to know.

What is CoachHub, the digital coaching platform?

CoachHub is a popular coaching software platform developed by experts in behavioral science and positive psychology.

CoachHub’s coaching pool consists of 3,500 business coaches. They are spread across 90 countries and offer coaching to over 1000 enterprises around the world. The coaching is offered to employees on a one-on-one basis. CoachHub’s goal is to provide professional development at an individual level, as well as company-wide transformation.

CoachHub's digital coaching experience focuses primarily around video and phone calls, with some chat-based messaging.

What is Fingerprint for Success?

Fingerprint for Success is an online coaching, collaboration, and performance platform. Through AI-based and human coaching, our mission is to make professional development accessible to all.

F4S was founded in 2016 by Michelle Duval, who pioneered the field of professional coaching in Australia. Noticing that personalized leadership development was a privilege reserved only for an elite few, Duval set about finding a way to bring coaching to the masses. In collaboration with other coaching experts, she developed a scalable virtual coaching platform powered by the world's first AI coach, Marlee.

F4S is based on 20+ years of motivation research. The F4S experience starts with an evidence-based assessment, which creates your unique 'fingerprint' across 48 motivation categories. These are benchmarked against the traits of highly successful people and inspiring leaders to illuminate areas for development. From here, we recommend personalized coaching pathways to help individuals and teams reach their full potential.

CoachHub features

As a digital coaching platform, CoachHub's features include:

  • Human-based coaches: These coaches are certified by reputable organizations, such as the International Coaching Federation.
  • CoachHub Academy: Gain access to on-demand learning to complement coaching. These are personalized, based on employee goals.
  • AI-powered coach matching: CoachHub suggests the best coach for employee needs through artificial intelligence. These AI-selected coaches focus on leadership development, stress management, or career development, depending on the client.
  • CoachHub Insights: Track adoption rates, employee ratings, and employee engagement levels.
  • Flexible coaching sessions: Coachees can choose when they have their session and in which format (video, call, or chat). However, these are not available ad-hoc.
  • iOS and Android: The coaching app is available on both major operating systems.

CoachHub also recently launched AIMY, an AI-powered assistant. Although billed as the 'world’s first conversational AI coach,' this title actually belongs to F4S’s Marlee – which was launched in 2021, a full two years prior. Here's how AIMY works:

  • Although structured coaching is beyond its present grasp, AIMY can chat you through simple coaching.
  • AIMY can understand context and nuance in text, including even informal speech. It cannot read facial expressions, body language, or any other visual communication.
  • AIMY is built around Open AI’s ChatGPT. CoachHub offers AIMY for free because it is a research initiative into AI-coaching.
  • AIMY does not use the free coaching sessions to train AIMY, unless consent is given.
  • AIMY provides feedback to coaches and employees, so both parties can maximize the relationship.

Fingerprint for Success features

Based on decades of research, F4S brings a much-needed, evidence-based approach to the career coaching market. Our program helps to unlock the potential of people and organizations through features, including:

  • Data-driven assessment:Our coaching assessment is over 90% accurate at measuring 48 different work motivations. These motivations include analytical thinking, attention to detail, and extraversion. By leveraging these powerful insights, you can uncover strengths and blind spots and achieve your organization’s goals.
F4S dashboard shows what motivates you at work

F4S dashboard

  • People analytics: As well as providing eye-opening personal insights, F4S shows you how your motivations and strengths compare to those of your team. It illustrates differences, affinities, and potential areas of friction within your team, so you can quickly resolve conflict and become a harmonious, high-performing team.
  • Free, AI-powered coaching: Marlee is F4S' revolutionary AI coach. The coaching pathway Marlee delivers is tailored, based on a coachee's assessment. Programs cover everything from increasing EQ and multiplying impact, to learning to trust your gut instinct.
  • Next-level flexibility: With F4S, you get a choice of AI, chat-based coaching, or one-on-one Zoom or in-person coaching. Plus, coaching sessions with Coach Marlee can be accessed anytime and anywhere, so you can fit them into your busy schedule.
  • Plans for every type of business: In alignment with our mission to make coaching accessible, organizations can get started with their first F4S coaching program for free! We also offer scalable premium plans for everyone from startups to large corporations. Pay only for what you need!
  • Human coaching: F4S also has an amazing team of human coaches. These coaches have all been certified as part of the F4S Coach & People Leader Certification Program. Users can expect a high level of coaching from these coaches, due to their comprehensive training.
  • Progress and goal-tracking features: Users can seamlessly track their coaching progress on the F4S dashboard. They can also add personal insights through a journaling feature. In addition, business leaders can track how their organization improves over time, using the culture mapping feature.
  • Coaching marketplace (coming soon!): F4S has had great success with mentor-matching programs with clients. Based on these programs, we will soon be launching a coaching marketplace. Leveraging AI, this marketplace will match users with human coaches based on their assessment results.
  • F4S for Zoom: our app is revolutionizing virtual communication and collaboration. Download the app and answer four simple questions that will reveal if your learning style is seeing, hearing, doing, or reading/writing. Then add your communication style to your Zoom profile (they show up as emojis) and supercharge your meetings.
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CoachHub coaching cost

CoachHub does not list standardized pricing on its site. Instead, it encourages interested organizations to request a demo. From there, CoachHub creates a coaching plan customized to the needs of the organization, which will serve as the basis of a quote. The pricing will also be influenced by the type of plan and number of employees.

CoachHub does not offer a free tier, and some plans reportedly start at US$275 per month.

Fingerprint for Success cost

Fingerprint for Success offers clear and transparent pricing. Users can start with the free tier to take the work style assessment, and compare results with up to five team members. You can also access free coaching programs from Coach Marlee.

Individuals can elect for a pro plan at US$9.60 per month. This tier allows you to compare the results of unlimited numbers of team members so you can track how their work styles change over time, plus anytime access to all Coach Marlee programs.

The highest tier is for larger organizations, and costs US$9.60 per user per month. This plan has all the features of the other two tiers, plus some additional ones. These features include bulk inviting, aggregated data, and API integration with other powerful tools.

CoachHub reviews

CoachHub has somewhat positive reviews on third-party sites. On review aggregator Featured Customers³, CoachHub has 4.8 out of 5 stars, averaged from over 773 user ratings. These quantitative ratings are in line with the testimonials on its site, and typically come from HR leaders of top enterprises.

For example, Calypso de Frondeville, an HR Manager at Lacoste, praised the CoachHub community. This community is made up of a pool of coaches, who collectively speak 60 different languages.

"This digital solution gave me the opportunity to interact with my peers in different countries. We share common challenges and best practices, all the while getting better at active listening,” said de Frondeville.

While most testimonials gave praise from the organization’s or HR’s perspective, some provided insights from the user point of view. One such example was Adeel Hasan Jafri, a finance manager at Coca Cola; “The whole program changed my own thinking and I must say I am a different person now,” he said.

Fingerprint for Success reviews

While coaching is the exclusive focus of CoachHub, Fingerprint for Success also offers a suite of complementary features. As such, the reviews of Fingerprint for Success tend to focus on the platform as a whole, rather than just coaching.

These glowing reviews notably come from a cross-section of organizations from different industries. One comes from Cliff Obrecht, co-founder and COO of Canva. Obrecht noted that Fingerprint for Success was helpful to both him individually and the organization as a whole.

“F4S has helped me understand how I work and improved how I work with others (as I now understand key strengths),” Obrecht said, adding, “F4S is a central component of our people growth strategy at Canva and empowers us to harness our unique culture and optimize 3,500 as we scale,” said Obrecht

Adam Theobald, co-founder of Ordermentum, shared similar sentiments. He believes that Fingerprint for Success is key to improving work relationships.

“F4S gave me a new level of understanding around my strengths and blind spots. It showed how we could maximize capabilities and minimize weaknesses of key personnel.

“If you want to get the most out of yourself and business relationships, it's a no-brainer,” he said.

The reviews for specific F4S coaching programs, such as increasing EQ, are similarly glowing; “This coaching program has helped me improve the way I connect, relate and communicate – deepening my relationships with others and also with myself,” said one user.

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What's the ROI of coaching?

Coaching generates a multitude of benefits for organizations. Companies who invest in executive coaching see a significant ROI across the entire workforce, with every US$1 spent producing a return of around US$7.90⁴.

According to the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the average coaching ROI is 700%⁵. They also found 86% of organizations saw an ROI from coaching programs.

One of the biggest benefits of coaching is an increase in job performance. And the numbers speak for themselves. Research shows that coupled with training, coaching leads to an 88% improvement in productivity.

Plus, the data shows that coaching helps keep high-performing employees around for longer. ICF data shows that 93% of companies report less turnover when they offer coaching to employees as a benefit.

So, you might be wondering how the ROI of F4S compares to CoachHub? Well, CoachHub users report an ROI of 8x. Meanwhile, users of the Fingerprint for Success toolkit, which includes coaching, see an astonishing 752% ROI in just one year.

CoachHub coaching jobs

Becoming a coach on CoachHub is by application only. To be accepted, coaches must meet several requirements. You need a certification from a leading coaching association. You also need over 6 years of work experience, and at least 500–1000 hours of professional coaching experience.

Accepted coaches work flexibly. You can work from anywhere in the world and maintain a flexible schedule. They can also conduct their coaching entirely through CoachHub, without the need for any other external platforms. Coaches benefit from CoachHub’s existing network of client companies. These enterprise clients also give regular feedback to coaches, so they can grow their skills.

Fingerprint for Success coaching jobs

Wondering how you go about joining Fingerprint for Success' team of world-class coaches? As we maintain the highest level of coaching, all coaches must be trained and certified by Fingerprint for Success.

The F4S Coach & People Leader Certification Program is ideal for a broad range of leaders. These include professional coaches, business leaders, HR professionals, and tech investors.

The F4S Coach & People Leader Certification Program consists of three modules. The first is the F4S Assessment Engine, which teaches the Inventory for Work Attitude & Motivation (iWAM). The second is F4S for Entrepreneurship, which focuses on the attributes of successful businesses. The third is Coaching with F4S, which equips coaches with different coaching interventions.

Coaches benefit from direct access to the Fingerprint for Success platform, which boasts reliability scores of over 90%. This facilitates buy-in from organizations and team members. Coaches are added to the Fingerprint for Success directory. Enterprises in need of coaching can find them through there.

Bottom line: CoachHub coaching vs Fingerprint for Success

CoachHub and Fingerprint for Success are both digital coaching pioneers. But they differ in several key aspects, which are important for business leaders to consider.

The first is accessibility. CoachHub does not offer a free tier. Because Fingerprint for Success offers a free plan, it's far easier for organizations to get started with the platform. Once you get value from the free plan, you can more confidently decide whether to upgrade.

Second, CoachHub was built from the ground up as a platform for coaches and coachees. As a result, it focuses on just one aspect of professional development: coaching. Meanwhile, Fingerprint for Success is a powerful all-in-one solution. Each aspect of the product suite has been thoughtfully designed to work together in order to get the most out of people and organizations. As such, Fingerprint for Success is as much science as it is a digital coaching solution.

The third is standardization. CoachHub accepts coaches who have any notable certification from a coaching organization. Meanwhile, the coaches for Fingerprint for Success must go through the F4S Coach & People Leader Certification Program. This ensures that all F4S coaches deliver the same, top-quality user experience.

Frequently asked questions

How much does CoachHub pay coaches?

CoachHub does not publicly share how much it pays its coaches.

What is CoachHub?

CoachHub is a digital coaching platform, offering holistic people development to forward-thinking companies. As well as coaching, the platform facilitates scheduling, goal-setting, and progress monitoring.

What is CoachHub's AIMY?

AIMY is an AI-powered coaching assistant inside CoachHub. Using machine learning, AIMY analyzes data from coaching sessions and provides relevant insights. These recommendations are customized to the employee’s learning style and progress. Coaches can also identify areas for improvement based on coaching trends and patterns.

How does AIMY differ from Coach Marlee?

While both are AI-powered, AIMY and Coach Marlee are very different.

As the world's first official AI coach, Marlee has three key distinctions from competitors. First, Coach Marlee is designed to emulate the human coaching process by asking the right questions at the right time.

Second, it has been radically improved since its initial creation in 2021. Its second version has been trained on over 50,000 coaching sessions, making it the most advanced chatbot coach on the market.

Finally, Coach Marlee has rapid, proven results. With Coach Marlee, users achieve their goals in just four to nine weeks – compared with the three to six months it takes with human coaches.


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