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Introducing F4S Insights! 🚀

F4S Insights is the most exciting update to F4S since we launched the world’s first personal AI Coach, Marlee!

Optimizing your rich and unique motivational data, and that of your team and your organization you can now access unparalleled insight into: 

And while we were at it we built a whole new F4S experience to help make understanding and bringing out the best in yourself and your team, that much more easy and fun! 

So what’s new?

Use AI to achieve your goals! 

Setting goals in F4S isn’t about writing a list of to-dos to pin on your wall. Have your goals brought to life by AI and data science to identify precisely what you need to do, and then have the world’s best coach Marlee actually help you to achieve your goals. Now everyone can achieve amazing things at work and in life! 🎯

Precise insight for you and your team 👀

Have you ever wondered if you should quit your corporate career to work at a startup? Or if you’d make a great designer? Do you sometimes wonder why you struggle to communicate with a certain team member? Do you find it hard to concentrate in meetings? Do you find it draining writing long blog posts?

Simply set a goal in F4S and Coach Marlee will provide you and your team with personalized insights. You will receive feedback on your strengths and insights on ‘blind spots’ in your soft (human) skills and also how to excel at everyday tasks and activities at work.

Personalized coaching tailored to each of your ‘blind spots’

Understanding yourself and your team is a crucial first step in knowing the reality of where you are today and what you need to develop to achieve your goals. Marlee provides tailored coaching programs to help you and your team to overcome personal and combined weaknesses or blindspots so that you can optimize your natural talents and strengths. Let's face it, life and work are so much more fun when you spend most of your daily minutes doing things that you love and things that bring out the best in you and your teammates!

A new coaching queue to nail your goals over time 

Love queuing up your favorite playlists and songs on Spotify? You can now queue up your coaching development plan with Marlee. Simply click ‘add to coaching queue’ from one of Marlee’s program recommendations then line them all up and get ready to smash your goals!

Ready to start achieving your goals? Let’s jump in!

Fast facts about your team, anytime you need them 🏎

Are you having a hard time dealing with conflict between some of your team members? Or trying to better understand your team’s culture? Or do you have a diverse team and want to find common ground between teammates? Gain ‘just in time’ insights to help you and your team nail one-on-ones, team meetings, all-hands, offsites, and onboarding. When scratching your head to deal with team conflict or support team members on the verge of burn-out, F4S team insights can help you to optimize and take your team to the next level.

Visualize your team culture

Team sentiment and engagement surveys are helpful but imagine being able to quantifiably measure your team’s culture. Imagine tracking in real time what your team values are and how every single person is motivated at work. For the very first time you can now see the 48 F4S team motivations that define and articulate your team or company wide culture, at the click of a button. Don't have a team? That's OK too. You can add a group of friends, a sporting club, or even your family and visualize the unique culture of your special group!

Understand your team affinities

How are your teammates similar? What unites you as a team? F4S Insights will help you achieve team harmony to enable you to bond faster. Get your team on the same page and singing from the same song sheet.

Identify your team differences

How do you and your teammates differ? Understanding and learning how to articulate and embrace differences in your team can be a game changer for overcoming conflict and achieving team collaboration. This feature immediately helps you identify different perspectives in your team and provides tools for improving communication and recommendations for team optimization.

Are you ready to unleash your team’s potential? Explore the F4S Insights!

We love your feedback! 🙏

We really hope you enjoy using the new F4S features and we would love to hear your feedback! 

Please let us know what you're finding useful and how we can make the F4S experience even better for you. Simply click on the pink Feedback button on the left side of your screen. 

We review every piece of feedback. We’re working hard to continue to evolve F4S and Coach Marlee so that everyone really can achieve their goals at work and in life.

We know it can take time to adjust, so for the next few months you’ll have the option to return to the F4S you know. 

On January 31st 2023 this option will be removed and you will be embedded in this new release.


Marlee and your F4S team