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Does Fingerprint for Success (F4S) measure my personality?

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F4S is not a personality test. While personality theory and surveys are quick and it is fun to call yourself a ‘type’, you are not a ‘type’. You are a unique individual with rich potentials. There is nobody else on the planet like you. 🌏 ✨

It is almost statistically impossible to get the same findings in F4S, as anybody else. F4S uniquely measures you attitudes and motivations; your preferences for how you like to do business and your work. Science and our 19+ years of qualitative research has found your preferences can and often do change as a result of significant emotional experiences such as; loss, redundancy, marriage, health crisis, becoming a parent, starting a business, business failure, partner conflict etc.

This means, if you are also not happy with some of the insights and discoveries you learn about any one of your motivations in F4S, be assured, with focus and coaching you can actually adapt and influence changes in your motivations and preferences. 💪

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