SAP: Using F4S for intelligent mentor matching


Improve mentor-mentee matching through data in order to support emerging women leaders.


SAP (a multinational software corporation that develops enterprise software) and a multinational telecommunications conglomerate.

The challenge:

SAP and a multinational telecommunications company host the Business Women’s Network (BWN) programs to mentor emerging female leaders and help them grow their careers across both companies.

The committee sought a data-driven tool that could provide deeper insights into matching mentors and mentees to build upon the post-program surveys.

Previously, matching was based on the experience, capabilities and aspirations that mentees were seeking. These evaluations and matches were manually conducted through interviews and shared discussions on suitability between mentors and mentees.

SAP and a multinational telecommunications company wanted to instill INTELLIGENCE into their process and turned to F4S for this capability.

The solution:

In addition to experience, skills, capabilities and a survey on the goals of the mentoring relationship, SAP and a multinational telecommunications company used Fingerprint for Success to match mentors and mentees based on key motivations and attitudes, which helps to optimize unique strengths for leadership and collaboration style.

It also allows mentees to pinpoint and model specific motivations seen in mentors.  

The result:

Working with F4S provided the opportunity to use data to match mentees and mentors. With it came a fresh perspective and better understanding of diverse work styles, but more importantly, it allowed the mentor and mentee to use F4S as a collaboration tool for discussion and review on areas of concerns, growth, feedback and support. 

The future:

F4S provides deeper insights into the dynamics of mentor-mentee relationships. Using data to drive future mentor-mentee matching allows for better decision making on what makes a successful and rewarding mentoring relationship, as well as on what other factors should be considered for future programs with similar goals.

Why F4S:

  • Provides people data analytics to guide program leaders with insightful qualitative and quantitative information for better matching decisions
  • Ensures greater diversity through matching work styles and motivations not based on gender, location or experience, thus removing potential interview bias
  • Helps SAP and a multinational telecommunications company mentors optimize time with their mentees by better understanding their motivations and how it positively or negatively impacts their goals

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