Canva: Using F4S in the core of their 'people strategy'


Help individuals, leaders and teams improve performance, wellbeing and happiness at work by measuring company-wide motivations. Help coaches and leaders discover their leadership styles and enable the company to deepen its understanding and scaling of culture, talent and collaboration.


Known as one of the fastest-growing tech unicorns in the world, Canva provides graphic design software that makes it easy to design presentations, social media graphics and more. The platform combines a drag-and-drop design tool with layouts, images, photo filters, icons, shapes, fonts and a stock library of photographs, illustrations and imagery. 

The challenge:

To support its rapid growth, Canva sought tools to help its teams identify and scale their unique culture in the early stages and ultimately acquire top talent and grow high-performing teams with optimal communication and collaboration. Their overarching ‘people strategy’ is about helping every individual, coach and team achieve peak performance, wellbeing and happiness at work by loving what they do.

The solution:

Invite each new Canva newbie to “opt in’ to their own F4S Canva account during their onboarding into Canva to understand themselves and for their mentor to accelerate communication and connection with new team members. F4S is used during new teams spinning up, one-on-ones, growth and development conversations, internal coaching programs, and Canva University.   

F4S also provides people analytics data to Canva referred to as a “culture map.” This enables the Canva teams to identify the unique confluence of attitudes that define Canva’s current company culture across Australia, the U.S, the Philippines and China. Results were also benchmarked against the F4S success factor models for both starting-up and scaling-up for highlighting strengths and differences to other high growth ventures.

The result:

F4S has become a core asset within Canva for supporting the unique talents of individuals and team, supporting a diverse and inclusive culture and for supporting Canva to achieve big hairy audacious goals.

The future:

Canva will continue to use F4S in onboarding new team members, spinning up new teams, internal coaching, Canva University, scaling its unique culture and helping newbies learn about individual and team work styles and how to best collaborate and harmonise as a unit.

Why F4S: 

  • A tool that is accessible, free, easy to use and scalable for high-growth venture-backed teams
  • A revolutionary people analytics and AI-powered coaching platform that improves team performance and workplace happiness by measuring company-wide motivations to optimize its unique culture, talent and collaboration 
  • Helps the cofounders to better communicate, collaborate and lead the high-growth company
  • Supports talent acquisition activities in team formations

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