Baraja: Using F4S to build a high performing team culture


Provide insights into founder leadership styles, communication preferences, strengths and blindspots—particularly in light of cultural differences across countries—to help Baraja build a cohesive, high-performing team culture as it rapidly expands globally.


Baraja is a rapidly growing start-up that invented a revolutionary new type of LiDAR technology called Spectrum-Scan™, which delivers the highest performance available to address the challenges of self driving cars. 

The challenge:

Baraja is a rapidly growing company that invented a revolutionary LiDAR that enables self-driving vehicles to better “see” their surroundings.

The company is based in Sydney, Australia, with offices in China, Europe and the USA. It is quickly expanding worldwide, hiring through Europe and Asia, and closely collaborating with car manufacturers to iterate and refine its vision of what LiDAR needs to be.

Due to its rapid growth, Baraja needed tools to navigate building a strong team culture in its early stages, acquire top talent and grow high-performing teams. 

The solution:

F4S provided people analytics data on the entire company. This “culture map” enables the Baraja team to identify the unique confluence of attitudes that define Baraja’s current company culture in Australia, and compare those attitudes to ones prevalent in the U.S. Results were also benchmarked against the F4S Success Factor models for both starting-up and scaling-up for highlighting strengths and areas of improvement.

The result:

F4S provides detailed insights on Baraja’s culture, which have been benchmarked against F4S’s two Success Factor Models: Entrepreneurs (startup phase) and Business Builders (scaling-up phase), identifying where Baraja’s culture sits for each motivation. 

These results provide language to describe Baraja’s key attitudes and motivations towards work and a way of articulating some of the key attitudes of Baraja’s unique culture. The results provide an opportunity for reflection around:

  • How do these attitudes and motivations help or not help Baraja achieve its mission and vision?
  • Do any of the company attitudes need to change or evolve for the business phase Baraja is about to enter?
  • Baraja’s CEO and co-founders use F4S as a tool to openly communicate to their teams and company their work style preferences.
  • Sharing culture insights when in talent acquisition and onboarding team members
  • Data to support culture and team collaboration workshops and leadership offsites 

The future:

Baraja uses F4S when onboarding members, forming new teams, scaling its culture and acquiring new talent. F4S helps engineers and deep tech specialists describe their individual work styles and determine the best way to collaborate.

Why F4S: 

  • Easy to use and scalable for high-growth venture-backed teams
  • A revolutionary people analytics and AI- and human-powered coaching platform that boosts team performance and workplace happiness by measuring company-wide motivation to optimize culture, talent and collaboration
  • Helps cofounders better communicate, collaborate and lead the high-growth company
  • Supports talent acquisition activities and assists in team formation

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